Blogs, Message Boards, and Other Social Media for Cloister Communication

Yesterday a young teen-age girl walked out of the Bellevue Library. Wires connecting a MP3 player in the pocket of her shorts to ear pods were draped over her right shoulder, she stared down on her Smart Phone as she was texting a message to either a parent of a friend, most likely a friend. It is impossible to drive down the road without seeing drivers, heads bent toward their wireless phones, talking to others unknown to me, as they barreled down the road.

There has been a sea change in the way people socialize. We can see evidence of the change all around Nashville.

Drive down Charlotte Road and you will pass the former Moose Lodge where many enjoyed Friday Fish Night….Closed.

Drive further toward town and pass on the left Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW Chapter 1970, there is hardly ever even one car parked there…..Almost Closed.

The American Legion shut down their giant Donelson clubhouse…..Closed.

Bonney and I drove into the huge Shrine Temple, by Trinity Lane near I-65, the parking lot could hold half the people attending a Titans game, empty except for a half dozen cars.

Now almost everyone is connected to the Internet and the Official Cloister Website is starting to be maintained with detailed and up-to-date information. I hope this keeps up because it’s important and right to do so. It even has copies of past “The Cloister News” newsletters..

How has this happened?

The new substitute for people getting together are e-mail, text messaging, Twitter, Facebook and other so-called Social Media. What does this mean to us at The Cloister at Saint Henry?

If we at The Cloister don’t make an effort to learn and try to use the new languages that are the tools of our grandchildren, we will wind up in the trash heap of buggy whips and model T Fords.

I started with the Apple iPod Touch which I use to listen to AudioBooks that I copy from checked out library CD’s or download from the library website. Bonney links her iPod to Microsoft Outlook which transfers her calendars, appointments, contact lists, and other Outlook information. She carries this small device in her purse

I write a Blog (this one) and I have set up a message board for Cloister residents.

Message/Bulletin Boards and Blogs are similar. Both provide an easily updatable website, allowing the owner to post content/messages for other users to view.

The primary difference, usually, is that Blogs only allow the owner to post messages and content. Visitors can view, but not post messages and replies. If visitors are allowed to post, it’s almost always in the context of an existing message topic or article the Blog owner created. In other words visitors usually do not post new message topics or articles, but rather respond to what the Blog owner has posted. (This Blog is an example.)

A Message board, on the other hand, allows everyone to post new messages and articles as well as replying to existing messages. See

Bonney and I have ordered the new Apple Smart Phone and services, we have finally decided to replace our iPods with Apple iPhones.  If I don’t learn how to effectively use Facebook, Twitter, and other Apps as well as any 12-year-old does today, I won’t understand the language younger generations speak. I have been too lazy to take the time and effort to learn. Some may be LOL at me but soon I will be LMHO at them.

That’s my opinion. You may want to share your opinion in the Comments area below.


5 thoughts on “Blogs, Message Boards, and Other Social Media for Cloister Communication

  1. Last week I bought my wife an iPhone 4S. I am still using a simple cell phone but our cellular service has improved when AT&T put up a new tower close to us. I will wait for a wrist band smart phone.

  2. Smart Phones for Bonney and I would cost $1080 per year with minimum of everything, calls, text messages, internet access. Bonney and I have discussed this and the cost is simply too much for the use that we retired seniors would put to the services. We will stick to iPod Touch which will connect to the internet and Aps for Harris Teeter, and in the corner of Kroger Bellevue H70 store on the side near Starbucks. .

  3. Comment from a resident of The Cloister:
    I started scanning many years ago (the summer of ’96) & started posting my art scans to the newsgroups of Usenet …

    I still do some of it, though not in the amounts I used to …

    I’ve also been e-mailing since then … I became friends w/ a gal from England … she & her hubby traveled here to visit …

    I think people who text while driving should be thrown in jail … they jeopardize all the other drivers on the road … I wish there was a way for the police to better monitor …

    The only thing I bring w/ me when I drive is a mobile phone, in case I need to make a call … so far, I’ve never had to make one … yes, I knocked on wood 🙂

    I still go to the library, both here in Davidson County & at the Cloister, to get books I wish to read & place books on reserve which are not immediately available, w/ the library e-mailing me when the book is ready for me to pick up … they also notify me via e-mail to alert me as to when the books are due … a great service … have even occasionally requested they order some books not in the system …

    Any e-mail lists I’ve created or been on have always been blind lists …

    I only check Facebook when they notify me that one of my kids has posted something … neither do I Twitter or do any of whatever else is out there … at times, there’s so much focus on inner stuff that we forget to look at what’s around us … the phone & e-mail are plenty for me 🙂

    I REALLY appreciate your keeping us posted as to what’s happening around the Cloister … thanks ever so much!

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