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Yesterday a young teen-age girl walked out of the Bellevue Library. Wires connecting a MP3 player in the pocket of her shorts to ear pods were draped over her right shoulder, she stared down on her Smart Phone as she was texting … Continue reading

About My New IPod Touch That is Not a Smart Phone


My children, and almost everyone I know seems to be carrying a Smart Cell Phone…….except Bonney and me. We each have the old fashioned Clamshell Cell phone. I don’t bother to carry mine around. I keep mine in the Honda Glove compartment to use in case of an emergency if my car breaks down. Bonney usually keeps hers in her purse. Some people have Bonney’s cell number. No one has mine.

iPod Touch

Bonney’s Christmas gift to me, the iPod Touch, is absolutely fantastic. It is a smart-phone cell phone without the phone capability. I can use it a home because I have a Router that allows Bonney and I to have separate computers in separate rooms without wiring or extra Comcast charges. My iPod and laptop computer connect wireless at home or anyplace that has Wi-fi service allowing connection to the Internet.

It seems that today everything is eBooks and AudioBooks. Even my weekly news magazine “The Economist” is available to me as a subscriber in printed format, as an Internet Magazine I can read on the computer screen or on my iPod Touch, and in audio format that I listen to on either my computer, MP3 music player, or iPod Touch.

Apple commercials and “Smart Phone” users talk about Apps (short for Applications). Each square image on the iPod screen is access to a different application, just touch the image. I have heard claims are that there are a half million Apps available. I have always felt that Apps were simply another way tech companies can make more money. But many, many Apps are free! Apps that come with my iPod include front and back cameras,  music and Audiobook player, web browser, my MS Outlook Contact list, Outlook Calendar and even an E-mail reader plus more.

Sample screen iPod App

An iPhone costs about $400 plus tax while an iPod Touch costs $188 plus tax. The iPhone price drops to $99 if the purchaser buys a two year contract costing from $25 to $45 per month for two years. But…additional fees increase the monthly rate to the $45 to $75 range.  Other that the initial cost my iPod costs nothing to use. All I need is Wi-fi wireless access which is available at home, at Starbucks and even Burger King.

Bonney and I have decided to stick with our old fashioned cell phone and Vonage land line . We stay with the landline because it allows us to place phones in all three bedrooms and the Great room, all with the same phone number. We can answer the phone from any room. If they ever allow multiple cell phones with the same number and no additional charge except for the cost of a phone we might cancel our land line.

Dangerous question #1: What would you like for a Christmas gift?

Several weeks ago Bonney asked me; “What would you like for a Christmas gift?” Now, that is a dangerous question. The problem is I have everything I need and almost everything I want but I still have to answer the question about a Christmas gift.

Kindle e-Book Reader

Bonney’s birthday was November 21 and I gave her a Kindle e-book reader as one of her birthday gifts. She really has been enjoying it. A free download came with the Kindle and she discovered a location where she could download books whose copyright had expired. The Public library also offers e-books for check-out but many of their books are wait listed when someone checks out the only available copy.

Apple iPad with 10" screen

While researching the Kindle I was attracted to the idea of owning a tablet like the i-pad or either a Kindle Fire or Nook color electronic reader. I had no idea how I would use any of them but I was attracted to the idea. I usually listen to audiobooks and download an audiocopy of the weekly Economist Magazine to which I subscribe. I listen to these on a MP-3 player I purchased years ago.

Nook e-reader

I explained my struggle with selection with my son Ben. He suggested I consider something different…an Apple iPod Touch! The iPod is similar to the iPhone except without the phone capability. It has many useful features but most important it serves as an audio MP3 player and also allows me to connect to the Internet and even read my e-mail wherever Wi-fi is available.(A Wi-Fi enabled device such as a PC, video game console, mobile phone, MP3 player or PDA can connect to the Internet when within range of a wireless network connected to the Internet. ) We have Wi-fi at home which allows both Bonney and I to connect with the Internet with separate computers. Wi-fi is also available at many coffee shops and fast food restaurants. But most important to me, the Apple Ipod Touch does not include a phone capability and I don’t have to pay a monthly telephone fee.

iPod Touch with Wi-fi capability

So, “Bonney, I would like an Apple iPod Touch.”