More Thoughts About Comcast Contract

The most recent Comcast contract with The Cloister expires in June. At that time we will have continuous renewed contracts for cable service since 1984…nearly 32 years.

Is this a good deal? I think not!

My monthly Comcast bill does not even indicate the $40 payment made each month by the Cloister HOA. With an average of 10 units unoccupied and an additional 10 units using non-Comcast services our HOA association wastes $800 every month paying for unused services.

Does this make good business sense?

EnoughisEnoughThe Cloister HOA pays $120,000 every year for Comcast services. Of this,  $9,600 is wasted for vacant units and unused services.

I urge the Cloister Home Owner Board of Directors to cancel the Comcast contract expiring in June. Let’s stop the waste and allow us homeowners to negotiate our own prices.


4 thoughts on “More Thoughts About Comcast Contract

  1. I agree with you, Pete. President Stansberry named a Task Force to study Comcast and options two months ago. We expect they will present their recommendation at April Board meeting. I have no clue what it might be, but I’m hoping it’s for cancellation. Re the vacant units – we are not having to absorb cost because owners are still paying monthly fee.

    • As soon as the contract is cancelled I’ll renegotiate with Comcast to get prices competitive with AT&T and others. Both the HOA and I will win since the HOA can use the $120,000 for important additions and improvements and I will get lower costs for cable, internet and phone.

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