The Nearly Invisible Man at The Cloister

Upon our return from a shopping trip yesterday I had an opportunity to say hello again to someone who has been a fixture at The Cloister for almost 10 years.Normantruck

Norman Sullivan is the person who goes from building to building repairing and replacing whatever is necessary prior to the painters following him to paint the outside of the buildings at The Cloister. Norman shows up in early Spring and disappears again in late fall when it’s too cold to work outside. You can recognize him by his little table saw and a pickup truck with boards sticking out of the back.

You might want to wave at Norman when you drive by. Let him know if you are concerned he might miss something that needs fixing on the outside of your unit.

I am very fond of this pleasant person and it’s good to see him back at work this year.Normanatwork

More Thoughts About Comcast Contract

The most recent Comcast contract with The Cloister expires in June. At that time we will have continuous renewed contracts for cable service since 1984…nearly 32 years.

Is this a good deal? I think not!

My monthly Comcast bill does not even indicate the $40 payment made each month by the Cloister HOA. With an average of 10 units unoccupied and an additional 10 units using non-Comcast services our HOA association wastes $800 every month paying for unused services.

Does this make good business sense?

EnoughisEnoughThe Cloister HOA pays $120,000 every year for Comcast services. Of this,  $9,600 is wasted for vacant units and unused services.

I urge the Cloister Home Owner Board of Directors to cancel the Comcast contract expiring in June. Let’s stop the waste and allow us homeowners to negotiate our own prices.