We Are Trapped in The Cloister…… Update

snow streetsAs the snow falls, my home health providers have cancelled their visits today, Saturday, Jan 22, 2016.  My therapist is concerned that she can make it over the plowed streets but not when she enters The Cloister. It has  now become impossible to plow the streets of The Cloister  and the streets are empty of traffic and impassible. I hope no one will need emergency ambulance service.

So sad……


Sunday, Jan 24,2016 saw a truck looking as if it were salting our street this morning. It looks like the new HOA Board is doing it’s job. That’s great!



5 thoughts on “We Are Trapped in The Cloister…… Update

  1. Mismanagement again. Why wasn’t a plow service called yesterday to brine the streets? Or does that require ANOTHER COA raise?

    How did the other 55+ communities handle their streets (at 1/3 homeowners fee)?

    I think we are the laughing stock of the Nashville area retirement communities.

    • No other retirement community has washboard streets caused by speed bumps. The speed bumps make it impossible to plow the streets. You can thank the ARMS Committee for the curb to curb speed bumps, not David Floyd & Assoc

      • Hey Pete,
        I’m currently in NC for a funeral. Are the streets in The Cloisters impassable? They can’t be plowed at all? Are people able to drive out of the development or do we have to wait for the snow and ice to melt?

        Cynthia Weaver
        719 Mt. Carmel Pl.

        • A truck with a plow blade on front drove down our street earlier today. But the plow blade was in the raised position and the street stayed covered with snow and ice. Perhaps they do the streets without the speed bumps and the rest of us are out of luck…..

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