New Cloister HOA Board Members

Congratulations to the newly elected Cloister HOA Board members. I hope we will now see progress on some important issues impacting Cloister residents.

John Eley
Brenda Butler
Ann Green
Sue H. Hegland


I hope the new board will act early:

  • Stop the 3rd HOA fee increase that raises the HOA Fee to a whopping $380 per month. These increases added $1560 per year or more than one month’s Social Security for many of our residents.
  • Remove many of the speed bumps and add a curbside bicycle/walking/handicap path on all Cloister streets.
  • Cancel Comcast Contract so we don’t pay for services for the vacant units and can negotiate our own terms.
  • Revise and keep the Official Cloister website current. The website is virtually useless and impossible to navigate and read. Many updating delays.
  • Publish a detailed meeting agenda one week prior to the monthly HOA Board meetings.
  • Set aside 15 minutes prior to a Board meeting for homeowner input.
  • A Board member upon agreement by the entire board can invite one homeowner for their input regarding an upcoming issue to be voted on.
  • Publish description of all committees with names of committee members.

5 thoughts on “New Cloister HOA Board Members

  1. The width of our roadways combined with their construction method means they do not comply with municipal construction standards. These incompatibilities are why the city will not take over the ownership of our roads and therefore they remain “private roadways” under the direction & responsibility of our HOA. Their lack of width prohibits the designation of safety bike lanes. If we are to use more qualified professionals in the management of our assets, it would be prudent to have such a professional qualified in ADA guidelines to analyze our development & provide recommendations on how best to fulfill the needs of our special needs residents using the most economic approaches available while also attempting to control car safety.

    • This is not a problem requiring rocket science. When the speed bumps were recently extended to the opposite curb they placed a barrier across the entire street. The solution is to remove approximately 40 inches of bump from one or the other curbside leaving a path along the curb allowing me to ride my wheelchair to church and volunteer at West Meade Place at the hilltop. Please tell me what’s the problem with doing this? The driveway flares and speed bumps have trapped me in my home with no safe way out.

      • Brenda, what do you mean when you want to “control car safety?” You will have residents replacing the shock absorbers on their cars as well as aligning the wheels on a monthly basis. Many of us will be leaving our cars at a repair shop which you will probably assume is good because that will reduce the amount of traffic.

  2. Thank you for your congratulations! Some of the issues you listed were high priority for some nominees and I expect you will see at least some of the issues on new Board’s agendas this year. I read your earlier post about why you don’t attend Board meetings. Give us another try! You might change your mind!

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