We Are Trapped in The Cloister…… Update

snow streetsAs the snow falls, my home health providers have cancelled their visits today, Saturday, Jan 22, 2016.  My therapist is concerned that she can make it over the plowed streets but not when she enters The Cloister. It has  now become impossible to plow the streets of The Cloister  and the streets are empty of traffic and impassible. I hope no one will need emergency ambulance service.

So sad……


Sunday, Jan 24,2016 saw a truck looking as if it were salting our street this morning. It looks like the new HOA Board is doing it’s job. That’s great!




New Cloister HOA Board Members

Congratulations to the newly elected Cloister HOA Board members. I hope we will now see progress on some important issues impacting Cloister residents.

John Eley
Brenda Butler
Ann Green
Sue H. Hegland


I hope the new board will act early:

  • Stop the 3rd HOA fee increase that raises the HOA Fee to a whopping $380 per month. These increases added $1560 per year or more than one month’s Social Security for many of our residents.
  • Remove many of the speed bumps and add a curbside bicycle/walking/handicap path on all Cloister streets.
  • Cancel Comcast Contract so we don’t pay for services for the vacant units and can negotiate our own terms.
  • Revise and keep the Official Cloister website current. The website is virtually useless and impossible to navigate and read. Many updating delays.
  • Publish a detailed meeting agenda one week prior to the monthly HOA Board meetings.
  • Set aside 15 minutes prior to a Board meeting for homeowner input.
  • A Board member upon agreement by the entire board can invite one homeowner for their input regarding an upcoming issue to be voted on.
  • Publish description of all committees with names of committee members.