Revised……Please HOA Board….Enough Already

Special Note:  I have had a considerable number of people contact me to ask why I did not include John Eley on the list of those I would support in the upcoming Home Owner Association elections. John and I have talked extensively about how financial reporting and resident communication with the HOA Board can be improved and strengthened. Frankly if there is anyone who should be on the HOA Board….it is John Eley.

Speed bumps have now been extended curb-to-curb across our Cloister streets preventing any safe way to walk in our community. Driveway flares as part of sidewalk construction make the sidewalks virtually unusable while the extended speed bumps make the streets dangerous to pedestrians and those using bicycles, walkers or wheelchairs.

The entire community is infested with stop signs, speed limit signs, speed bumps(existing speed bumps have been extended from curb to curb while all new ones extend completely across the road), driveway flares instead of level sidewalks.

I went out for some fresh air recently and found my self completely trapped with speed bumps and driveway flares preventing my safe access to the Cloister neighborhood. Six speed bumps now block my way from our home to the Clubhouse. Four speed bumps block my way to the walk leading to the handicapped entrance to St Henry Church. Two bump barriers block my way to the hilltop Healthcare Center at West Meade Place where I did volunteer work with patients in the Therapy room. I can’t do that anymore.

I’m asked that the HOA leave a small 36 inch space between the curb and the beginning of each speed bump for my wheelchair. The current HOA Board ignored my request and I am now trapped in my own home. There is a total absence of communication between the HOA Board and residents, and the board seems to lack any financial responsibility.

This is what I will look for in our new board of directors:

  • Improved communications between Board and residents through:
    • a detailed agenda posted one week prior to a board meeting covering what will be voted on.
    • Opportunity for resident input prior to a board meeting on any issue, rather than after the meeting when resident input is useless since all issues have already been voted upon.
  • Standard Financial reporting
    • An Operating Budget covering normal expenses by line item
    • A Capital Spending budget covering physical improvements to the property
    • Detailed listing of Capital Reserves and planned physical improvements
    • Monthly reports of actual vs budgeted spending
  •  A Board that will restore safe access to our streets for the residents who have physical handicaps

We now are having a HOA Board Election for  four new board members.  The monthly news letter listed candidates running for the HOA Board. All of them are well qualified but I will vote for those who will support what I look for on a Board. These are who I am voting for based on the candidates statement.

  • Brenda Butler
  • Evonne Cain
  • Ann Green
  • Sue H. Hegland
Any comments?

4 thoughts on “Revised……Please HOA Board….Enough Already

  1. Pete: Thanks for your comments about our current election process. I appreciate your support as a relatively new member of the community.

    As I understand it, this year is a little different with 7 residents running for 4 open positions, so there truly are options. I would hope that residents would consider our friend, John Eley for the board. He has been instrumental for several months now getting many of us to think about improvements for the Cloister–#1 improvement being a more democratic process in governance.

    I would also hope that participation in the election will improve over previous years. Any of us on the ballot would be happy to chat further with any resident who desires to know more about what we envision, if elected.

    Thanks for your blog, Pete, which provides a “forum” for sharing with our neighbors.

    Brenda Butler
    107 Cloister Dr.

  2. Pete, I was very disheartened to see the additional speed bumps added. To me, it showed a blatant disregard for your situation and especially, after you presented a valid argument with documentation.

    I, too, have a issue with the board that started in May and has not yet been resolved. I have ask David Floyd and Betty Lingerfelt for information that should be made available to any resident and neither have furnished me with the information to date.

    Some of the antics of the present board has made me wish there was a “watch dog committee” to hold board members accountable, if needed.

    I sincerely hope that “our” new board will be the beginning of many needed changes at the Cloister.

    Connie Miller
    265 Cana Circle

      • Pete, I’m confused. Why – in your opening “Special Note” do you say that if anyone should be on HOA Board it’s John Eley – and then – at bottom of blog he is NOT included as one you would vote for? I agree totally with your Special Note. John is more qualified than the rest of us combined!

        I agree with you re speed bumps. I hate them, especially the one directly in front of my house and the constant “thump, thump”sound of vehicles going over speed bump.

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