About Cloister HOA Board Member Elections

Each year for the years I have lived here, “The Cloister News” would give residents a list of persons running for seats on The Cloister HOA Board of Directors. vote UndecidedEach candidate would tell us such information like where they were born and raised, what schools they went to, and where they worked and what they did at work. But they seldom told us how they  would vote on such matters like HOA fee increases, what they would do to get more resident participation at board meetings, how they would make meetings more open. This does not allow us the opportunity to determine what they stand for before they get on the Board. Perhaps we ought to ask each candidate to offer a detailed platform as part of their statement concerning why he/she wants to be on the Board. Vague statements  do not allow us the opportunity to take an informed decision.

'We're a democracy here, as long as everyone votes in favour of what I want!'


8 thoughts on “About Cloister HOA Board Member Elections

  1. I am new to the Cloister and have been working on settling in. I completely agree with Pete on this issue and feel that back ground of people that are willing to serve is important, as well as how they would represent the membership in the future. When is the election?

  2. Pete
    I agree totally with your argument. One of the cornerstones of any democratic system is the existence of a transparent electoral process in which candidates for office let citizens know what they intend to do if elected. In a democracy one should not be asked to select a pig in a poke as the old saving goes. It is high time that we followed this rule at the Cloister and became more democratic. Any candidate for the Board must provide some specifics of his or her platform for all to see. For example, anyone running for the Board must tells us if she supports the recent move to gain control of our expenditures by the use of a meaningful budget. I fully expect this to happen as we approach our next Board election. Thank you for raising this important issue.

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