How Do Cloister Residents Feel About Speed Bump Additions and Extensions?

Most Cloister Residents are against additional speed bumps or extending speed bumps across the entire street….

Tear Out Speed Bumps at The Cloister

Tear Out Speed Bumps at The Cloister

Comments to Cloister Living Blog on Speed Bump Extensions and Additions

  • Additional speed bumps are NOT needed and is a total waste of money. Please spend our money more wisely.
  • Additional speed bumps is a huge waste of money. They are not needed. Please don’t spend our money this way.
  • More speed bumps are NOT needed!! Why is this even an issue, when David Floyd tells me “they have to be more stingy” with OUR monies!! I absolutely, think residents should be able vote on such matters!! I am not so sure that some board members have the best interest of “ALL” residents in mine! I hope the board will get their priorities’ in order!!
  • In the year and a half we have lived here, we have never observed any high speed traffic in our neighborhood. We do not think that additional speed bumps is a wise use of the limited Cloister funds.
  • I agree

Results of Recent Poll….

Poll Results About Speed Bump Additions

Poll Results About Speed Bump Additions  ….. 73% of those polled are against speed bump additions or extensions.


5 thoughts on “How Do Cloister Residents Feel About Speed Bump Additions and Extensions?

  1. I’m keeping it simple, and using common sense – I hate the speed bumps!!!! We did not need to spend the money, and they are a hazard to all living here. There are no children to worry over, and my car is old and everything is jerked asunder when leaving my home. One day someone is going to have a bad accident stumbling over them, a terrible thing for anyone living here, with a possible lawsuit in the making.

    Thank you for your post Pete. Evonne Cain

  2. I’m a little late to the conversation, but I agree that these extensions of the speed bumps are not needed. Additionally, I have to wonder if our neighborhood meets the standards set for handicapped accessibility. Those standards are codified and should be looked at, if they have not. We have people with mobility issues and our streets and sidewalks should be easily accessible to them.

  3. Pete, What a good idea to collaborate comments. I think it would be worth your effort to actually send out a set of questions and take a real poll of residents who have emails. How many are there? I think it would be worth it and then to send that on to the Board for their consideration. It’s the kind of approach that would be helpful if new technology makes it this easy! Thank you, Donna

  4. I find it very refreshing to see the results of a poll of our residents on plans for speed bumps at The Cloister. All too often the Board seems unaware of the sentiments of those impacted by its decisions. We simply do not have an official process that allows for inputs from residents prior to decisions on spending money. Until now we have not had an unofficial process. Now we have one and I encourage you to use it more often. I know that it is not a scientific poll and that one cannot generalize from it to a conclusion about what most of our residents think. Thus its results should be taken lightly. But the process should be encouraged and over time something like it should become standard procedure in all matters involving discretionary spending on our infrastructure and even on some of our rules and regulations. A little more democracy never hurt any governance system and in the case of The Cloister it might do a lot of good. Thanks for your good work Pete and thanks to those who responded to his questions.

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