Mailbox Casualties

I am told that some of our fine residents took it upon themselves to paint all our mailboxes. As I take my morning ride through the neighborhood I notice that immediately after the turn off St Lukes, the bottom of the posts on two boxes on Marquette are crumpled   Over the years the boxes have become casualties of cars riding up the sidewalk and crashing into the box, some boxes on other areas of The Cloister have bumper-high dents in the posts.,I think we can all guess how they got there but the newly painted boxes look great, thanks to whoever painted them.

Mailbox Survivor

Mailbox Survivor

I have become very cautious, as I ride through the streets of our community, to avoid crumples and dents to me.

No crumples or dents....

  No crumples or dents….

Most mornings I will go up St Luke Drive to “The Healthcare Center at West Meade Place” and scrounge a cup of coffee at the receptionist desk and say “Hello” to some of my therapist friends who took good care of me during my stay there.

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