A Great Way to Meet My Cloister Neighbors

Almost every morning I roll out of the garage in my electric scooter

Me getting my electric scooter serviced....

Me getting my electric scooter serviced….

and ride down Cana. Sienna, Mt Carmel, Miles Court, Emma Neuhoff, and Marquette. Most mornings I wish a “Good Morning” to the regulars in the neighborhood. I can almost feel a wind as the gang of four speedy women rush by on their morning walk. Dogwalkers with one, two, and sometimes three dogs. Most times I will go up St Lukes and get a cup of coffee at West Meade Place on the hill, I have heard it called “Heavens Waiting Room. But my favorite place is the walkway through the small field between Cana and the Jewish Community Center…..

Walkway on Open Field Behind Cana

Walkway on Open Field Behind Cana

This walkway visits three bird sanctuaries, courtesy of the nearby neighbors, and a rickety wood bridgeIMG_0553IMG_0554IMG_0555

Visit there neighbors, you’ll enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “A Great Way to Meet My Cloister Neighbors

  1. Pete
    Thank you for this suggestions. Anything that we can do to build community at The Cloister is worth doing. Several of us are thinking long and hard about the future of our community. Over the next several months we intend to put a community building team together focused on making sure that the next Cloister Board election results in a Board that understands and is as responsive to the needs and wants of our residents as possible. We believe that change is in the air and that we can move forward together is a progressive and democratic manner. You have put your finger on a critical first step of getting to know each other better as members of a community. Please continue to meet the drum for community and to encourage others to offer their suggestions on ways to build a stronger sense of community here. Be assured that some of us are listening and will respond.

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