Our National Rightness and Wrongness

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Bill Peach's Random Thoughts

This essay began as a response to a friend who told me America was in decline. I asked for specifics and this was the response, “Looser morals, more bitterness, more racial tension, less respect for those who hold different opinions, more persecution of Christians, etc.” I may agree on three of the five. Other friends suggested it would be more optimistic to write about what is right about our country. I decided on the words rightness and wrongness. This is not as much about the country as it is about us.

The introduction of sixteen, so far, Republican candidates for President and maybe five Democratic candidates confuses the dialogue with the attempt to interchange right and left and right and wrong, to identify liberal and conservatives political positioning. Left and right seem to be more than directional and relative, but have become standards for absolute ideology and mutual exclusion.


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Mailbox Casualties

I am told that some of our fine residents took it upon themselves to paint all our mailboxes. As I take my morning ride through the neighborhood I notice that immediately after the turn off St Lukes, the bottom of the posts on two boxes on Marquette are crumpled   Over the years the boxes have become casualties of cars riding up the sidewalk and crashing into the box, some boxes on other areas of The Cloister have bumper-high dents in the posts.,I think we can all guess how they got there but the newly painted boxes look great, thanks to whoever painted them.

Mailbox Survivor

Mailbox Survivor

I have become very cautious, as I ride through the streets of our community, to avoid crumples and dents to me.

No crumples or dents....

  No crumples or dents….

Most mornings I will go up St Luke Drive to “The Healthcare Center at West Meade Place” and scrounge a cup of coffee at the receptionist desk and say “Hello” to some of my therapist friends who took good care of me during my stay there.

A Great Way to Meet My Cloister Neighbors

Almost every morning I roll out of the garage in my electric scooter

Me getting my electric scooter serviced....

Me getting my electric scooter serviced….

and ride down Cana. Sienna, Mt Carmel, Miles Court, Emma Neuhoff, and Marquette. Most mornings I wish a “Good Morning” to the regulars in the neighborhood. I can almost feel a wind as the gang of four speedy women rush by on their morning walk. Dogwalkers with one, two, and sometimes three dogs. Most times I will go up St Lukes and get a cup of coffee at West Meade Place on the hill, I have heard it called “Heavens Waiting Room. But my favorite place is the walkway through the small field between Cana and the Jewish Community Center…..

Walkway on Open Field Behind Cana

Walkway on Open Field Behind Cana

This walkway visits three bird sanctuaries, courtesy of the nearby neighbors, and a rickety wood bridgeIMG_0553IMG_0554IMG_0555

Visit there neighbors, you’ll enjoy it.