Cloister HOA Fee Increases and Comcast Payments

Here is what the increased HOA Monthly Fees look like over the next three years….

Year Monthly HOA Fee Monthly Fee Increase Annual Total Per Resident Annual Total All Cloister Residents
2015  $        287.50  $     37.50  $  450.00  $  108,000.00
2016  $        330.63  $     43.13  $  517.50  $  124,200.00
2017  $        380.22  $     49.59  $  595.12  $  142,830.00

Times have changed since 1984 when The Cloister first contracted for Cable TV Service. The 2015 Budget indicates the largest single expense item is Cable TV at a whopping $120,000 for the year which is $500 per home per year. We even pay $500 when a home remains vacant for whatever reason. I was recently charged $69 for a serviceman to reconnect a cable that was disconnected by a serviceman on the previous call.

Some neighbors told me that they don’t use Comcast Cable service since they get a better total package from AT&T. A former HOA Board voted for a 15% per year HOA monthly fee increase for three years running. We are already paying the first 15% increase in 2015.

Fee increases exceed $350,000 for the three year period! Perhaps if we eliminated the HOA Comcast Cable payment some of the HOA fee increases could be eliminated. And we residents even might  be able to negotiate better package deals for Cable, Phone, and Internet individually for ourselves.

7 thoughts on “Cloister HOA Fee Increases and Comcast Payments

  1. Has an independent CPA firm or accountant ever been consulted about the Cloister budget? How do other communities have such low fees yet still provide the same, or more, services? Maybe consulting a professional would provide another opinion about restructuring and fine tuning our monies.

  2. Why don’t you take a poll for residents asking whether they use the basic cable included in the HOA fee or pay independently for other cable services?

  3. My husband and I have been shopping around for 55+ communities and found The Cloister” to be the highest priced one in Nashville. Some of the other communities with the same architecture as Cloister range from $92-$205 a month. I see nothing that the Cloister is providing to have this high HOA fee. Some of these other condos we are considering actually include in their landscape trim of bushes along with the grass cutting. Also the fact that the land is NOT included in your condo is absurd, causing the owner to either purchase the land at a high price, or gain nothing when condo would sell. We will be looking elsewhere. Does not surprise me that there are multiple units becoming available in this complex monthly.

      • A “C” unit on Cana Circle just sold for $260,000.00.
        In all probability Cable will be gone next year which should negate the residents having to pay the last Maintenance Fee increase, but the basic charge for residents that just want Basic Cable will probably be close the what the increase is or a little more. The cloister is 30 years old and most of our expenses are for rebuilding infrastructure i:e, walls that fall over, drainage that was not sufficient during original construction, raising buildings due to improper site construction etc.
        Board meeting participation is at best 25 to 40 (not very good out of 240 units). Residents who are really interested can have their issues answered when the Board Meeting adjourns and questions are taken from the residents attending.
        John S

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