Cloister HOA Fee Increases and Comcast Payments

Here is what the increased HOA Monthly Fees look like over the next three years….

Year Monthly HOA Fee Monthly Fee Increase Annual Total Per Resident Annual Total All Cloister Residents
2015  $        287.50  $     37.50  $  450.00  $  108,000.00
2016  $        330.63  $     43.13  $  517.50  $  124,200.00
2017  $        380.22  $     49.59  $  595.12  $  142,830.00

Times have changed since 1984 when The Cloister first contracted for Cable TV Service. The 2015 Budget indicates the largest single expense item is Cable TV at a whopping $120,000 for the year which is $500 per home per year. We even pay $500 when a home remains vacant for whatever reason. I was recently charged $69 for a serviceman to reconnect a cable that was disconnected by a serviceman on the previous call.

Some neighbors told me that they don’t use Comcast Cable service since they get a better total package from AT&T. A former HOA Board voted for a 15% per year HOA monthly fee increase for three years running. We are already paying the first 15% increase in 2015.

Fee increases exceed $350,000 for the three year period! Perhaps if we eliminated the HOA Comcast Cable payment some of the HOA fee increases could be eliminated. And we residents even might  be able to negotiate better package deals for Cable, Phone, and Internet individually for ourselves.