Ice Dams on Cloister Roofs

If you have lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan or Ohio you know about the water damage that Ice Dams in rain gutters and downspouts can do. This morning at least 6 Cloister homes had ceiling damage by water leaking under the roof shingles because of ice dams.
Years ago  when I was on the Cloister HOA Board I warned that even partially clogged gutters and downspouts, especially on Cloister homes where leaves from overhanging trees, can clog gutters if they were not protected by leaf guard screens over downspouts. My warnings were ignored. I am sure that some of the homes damaged today did not have leaf guards.

On my request this morning Southern Roofing inspected our condo and removed much Ice and hopefully ice dams. If you suffered inside water damage, blame it on ice dams.A graphic of how an ice dam forms. (Courtesy FEMA)

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