Hospitals, Long Term Care and Rehab…….about PT

Late 2013 one of my prosthetic hips became damaged with a split liner. I have a good surgeon who has worked on my joints for the last 30 years….but….the soonest they could schedule a joint replacement was late March 2014. I didn’t make it. On Feb 4, 2014 as I got out of bed, my legs collapsed. EMS took me to St Thomas West where I laid in a hospital bed until a repair was made on February 10 Then on to rehab on the hill at West Meade Place.

West Meade Place is a former Nursing Home which was called “Heaven’s Waiting Room” when we first moved to The Cloister. Later they expanded their business model to include Physical Rehabilitation since they already provided limited Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy as part of what is called Restorative Therapy provided in nursing homes.

Some facts about PT(Physical Therapy) services provided by two different classes of technicians in a nursing home.

PT practice now requires a Doctorate Degree from a accredited University. while a PTA Assistant has finished only two years at a community college or tech school. Thus there are PT’s and PTA’s with huge differences between the skills and knowledge each has. Many nursing home residents leave Heavens Waiting Room “feet first” thus Restorative PTA’s addressed range-of-motion and mobility issues as their primary duty without the goal of returning a person to normal life outside of the Nursing Home.

Under the new business model these PTA’s are used as a resource supposedly  to return people to a more normal life outside of a nursing home. There are no signs on the backs of these people so in many cases it is impossible to know whether you are treated by a PT or a PTA.

WebconfusionHow can you be sure you are getting PT from PT professionals. Many Outpatient PT facilities use fully licensed physical therapist, an example is STAR Physical Therapy – Nashville, TN (Bellevue) ,7640 Hwy 70S, Ste 210,  Nashville, TN 37221

In-patient Fully Licensed and qualified PT is more scarce with the primary resources affiliated with hospital complexes rather than nursing homes.

More about my personal experiences in a future blog post……….


Ice Dams on Cloister Roofs

If you have lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan or Ohio you know about the water damage that Ice Dams in rain gutters and downspouts can do. This morning at least 6 Cloister homes had ceiling damage by water leaking under the roof shingles because of ice dams.
Years ago  when I was on the Cloister HOA Board I warned that even partially clogged gutters and downspouts, especially on Cloister homes where leaves from overhanging trees, can clog gutters if they were not protected by leaf guard screens over downspouts. My warnings were ignored. I am sure that some of the homes damaged today did not have leaf guards.

On my request this morning Southern Roofing inspected our condo and removed much Ice and hopefully ice dams. If you suffered inside water damage, blame it on ice dams.A graphic of how an ice dam forms. (Courtesy FEMA)