Using the Official Cloister Website

Part of the official Cloister Website is available to the general public and potential purchasers of a Cloister home. Another part is password protected and available only to residents holding a personal password. The public website looks like this….(Click on the image below)


Once a resident obtains a password the private website looks like this…..
The above page announces yet another $1000 increase in the cost of purchasing a Fee Simple interest in a Cloister Condo home to $16,000, otherwise the menu bar on the left is identical for both public and owner access to the website. Unfortunately if a Cloister owner clicks on the “Financial” section in Documents there is an absence of useful Financial information in that section. A list of available documents is indicated below….

The only report posted in 2014 is a report called the February Summary Report looking like this…….

The above is incomplete and useless. Below is the listing of everything in the Financial section. Please notice that it does not include a 2014 Annual Budget or a useable monthly financial statement for any month in 2014.
Cloister residents deserve better treatment and communication than they are now receiving.
Visit the website and make your own decision…..


9 thoughts on “Using the Official Cloister Website

  1. One reason there is so much confusion is because the board did not hand out the minutes of last months meeting. People do not know what transpired, they were told it was a done deal but have received nothing in writing. Most people don’t even know the new President of the Board campaigned for the fee raise, voted it in and immediately quit.

    • Anonymous,
      The minutes were not published because they are now not being published until they are approved. In the past when they were published so soon, they were sometimes were published with errors. It was hoped that publishing them after approval would avoid this.
      Anyone who attends the Board Meetings was made aware of the President’s resignation from the Board when Betty Lingerfelt assumed the role of President. The Presidency of the COA is a difficult position, and as you know is a volunteer position with much responsibility. The former President resigned for personal reasons and we had to adjust accordingly.
      By the way, the President calls for a vote, but never votes unless there is a tie.
      Judith Smith
      Board Member

      • Thank you but I make a distinction between meeting minutes and official detailed financial statements. The financial statements can be generated using Quicken Software at the touch of a key for a printed copy that can be scanned to a website.

        Or do you suggest this be done some other way?


  2. Pete, You are so computer savy, why don’t you tell the Board that you would like to assist David Floyd in keeping our website up to date, or help to find someone who would. We all need to stop complaining about things and help to find a solution to get them fixed. I know I am a new resident, but I am finding that people here are quite vocal about things they feel are wrong, but do not want to get on a committee to fix them.

    • Thanks for your comment Judith but it doesn’t take a committee to simply post financial documents that already exist to a website. David Floyd is paid to manage and provide financial information. All it takes is a decision to provide timely financial information. I have served on the Cloister board and was a member of The Cloister Financial committee. Perhaps you might want to volunteer and maybe the HOA Board might appoint you to one of the committees so you can help fix things.

      • Pete, I was elected to the Board of Directors in December, so I am currently serving on the Board, but I am also on the ARMs Committee. As a new resident of less than two years, I feel that I AM volunteering, and trying to improve things here. (I guess you did not vote for me, right? LOL)

        • Thank you for your service. I discovered that when I tried to move things in a business matter I was usually outvoted 8 to1 on any proposal I suggested. No one can control what I write in my Blog while my submissions to the Monthly Cloister News were censored.

          Peter Poremski

          • Pete has been trying to improve things at the Cloister for several years. So please understand where he is coming from. I too once served on the Board and tried to make changes. It is like running your head into a concrete barrier.

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