Official Cloister Website Needs Help

Take a look at the following websites….

Compare these to the official Cloister Website….

I understand that one purpose of The Cloister website is to post confidential, password protected information available only to residents…but…. there are several problems.

  1. The website looks identical before or after a resident logs-on.
  2. The front page does more to sell David Floyd and Assoc. than it does to indicate that The Cloister is an attractive place to live.
  3. The front page is completely cluttered
  4. There is a difference in the content we want the public to see and that which is useful to the homeowner

Frankly, I am embarrassed. It doesn’t cost any more to put up an attractive, positive website than it cost to put up the sad thing that represents our Cloister at Saint Henry Condominiums. Today’s websites make a statement about the residents and owners of the condominiums they represent. The total appraised value of The Cloister Condominiums is nearly $40 million. That is not a second class operation. If a potential buyer visits our website he may have second thoughts about buying a property at The Cloister at Saint Henry. I would not be surprised if the shabby website does not lower the value of my home after looking at

What do you think?

One thought on “Official Cloister Website Needs Help

  1. Google “The Cloister at St Henry” That is the first thing the public sees
    when they try to find out about us. And this is what you see….

    Welcome to The Cloister at St. Henry
    Please register for access to this site if you are a resident. Once your registration is approved, you will have access to important community news and information.

    Welcome to The Cloister at St. Henry! This website is designed to provide information to our current (and potential) owners and residents. If you are an owner or resident, you can log in using the links in the upper right corner of the page to view more information.

    David Floyd and Associates, Inc. is the Management Company for our Homeowners Association. Together with the association’s Board of Directors, we work to make The Cloister at St. Henry a better place in which to live while trying to carefully maintain costs and expenses so that we can avoid the need for large fee increases and/or special assessments. Our shared goal is to protect and enhance your home and investment, both physically and financially. The Cloister at St. Henry is a wonderful place to live!!!!

    Should you need any information from us, please use the contact information to the left to get in touch with our offices.

    When I moved to the Cloister over ten years ago residents would tell me “We don’t do computers.” For communication they had The Cloister News, hand delivered to each home, and an organized telephone contact list….that was all. Most neighbors were first buyers of newly built units in the mid-1980’s. If they bought at the youngest age of 55 years old they are at least 85 years old today. Many buyers of a Cloister home today are young and vital and not only “Do computers.” but are comfortable with and extensively use the internet and social media like Facebook, etc. I include my wife and I among this group. The Internet is frequently used to obtain buying information about a potential home purchase. We have many individuals and couples who move from out-of-state to be near their married children who now live and work in the Mid-state area. They want to be near their grand children. Today’s working people now use the Internet to search for a place their parent(s) to move from out of state. Unfortunately some “little old ladies” who were unhappy with the fact that actions needed to be taken to once again allow purchasers to obtain mortgages and title insurance(the Fee Simple title conversion) went public in the newspaper media. And The Cloister received some bad press. If you search “The Cloister at St Henry” in the search engines, Google etc. The first thing that shows up is our lame web site followed by newspaper stories about the unhappy residents at The Cloister. At a minimum we should have a website with contemporary design that does not look like it was put up 20 years ago by a teen ager using his toy Atari computer/game system. The first page should be a very visual page identifying the many reasons someone should consider buying a home at The Cloister. Confidential information for current homeowners could be accessed using an easily found user name and password area. All, except one, responders to the survey felt embarrassed about our current website.

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