Recent Burglary Attempt at The Cloister

A Burglar has little chance at The Cloister

A Burglar has little chance at The Cloister

Nashville Police arrested a 35 year old man who attempted to burglarize one of our Cloister homes.

In this case a caregiver across the street from the victim’s home noticed the stranger entering the home, the police were called and arrived almost immediately. They discovered a man inside the home who claimed he was the grandson of the homeowner who had left the home on an errand. The burglar was arrested along with a pillowcase stuffed with various valuables belonging to the homeowner. The Cloister is such a close knit community that the burglar had virtually no chance of success. I get the impression that residents know everything happening at The Cloister. And when I listen to my wife’s conversations with our neighbors I am certain that all is noticed in the neighborhood.


There are some actions we can take to improve our safety and security. Here is a list of some things that can be done.


  • Keep all doors and windows closed and securely fastened, including garage doors. An open window or door is an open invitation for burglars. Thieves are also quick to spot weak locks that may be easily forced open.
  • Doors should have deadbolt locks with a one-inch throw and reinforced strike plate with three-inch screws. All windows should have window locks.
  • Secure sliding glass doors. Place a metal rod or piece of plywood in the track and install vertical bolts. These will help prevent burglars from forcing the door open or lifting it off the track.
  • Always lock the door to an attached garage. Don’t rely on your automatic garage door opener for security. Update locks if necessary.
  • Burglar alarms – Not necessarily a deterrent for the “professional”, but more for peace of mind. Can reduce the amount of time thieves are in your home, and help to notify the police of a problem.
  • Keep shrubbery trimmed away from entrances and walkways. While large, ornate hedges may be beautiful, they also provide a hiding place for burglars who need only a minute to break in through a window or door.
  • Secure your valuables in a home safe or lock box.
  • Photograph your valuables and log their serial numbers.
  • Apply a personal identification number such as your driver’s license number on your valuables by engraving or with a permanent marker.
  • Lights with motion sensors are a great way to keep the perimeter of your home well lit.
  • When vacationing, create the illusion that you are home by using timers on lights, radios and TV’s.Making your residence appear occupied, even when no one is home, will deter criminals.

Vehicle Checklist

  • Always Lock it, Lock it, Lock it!!!
  • Roll up windows.Leave in a well-lit area.
  • Do not leave valuables in the car! Especially cell phones, GPS units, satellite radios, money, purses, and laptops

When you see something that looks suspicious call the police immediately.

We may not be prepared to act on all of these suggestions but even one or two might improve our security.


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