Plumbers and Jumper Cables

Frozen PipesThere has been a plumbing repair truck every day for the last two weeks somewhere in The Cloister. I see more Hiller Plumbing trucks than any other, most likely Cloister residents are calling Hiller Plumbing because of the good word-of-mouth passed down through the very effective Cloister homeowners network.  Our home did not have a problem with frozen or burst water pipes for two important reasons.

  1. We added a substantial amount of additional insulation in our attic preventing any likelihood of freezing air dropping down the interior walls and freezing the water pipes.
  2. Our water heater is located in a completely enclosed closet in the garage area. The water heater itself loses enough heat to the closet interior to keep the water pipes and valves in the closet from freezing.

Some Cloister residents do not have a closet for their water heater and the water pipes are exposed to freezing temperatures and can freeze up or even burst. An energy saving suggestion I did not follow was that I did not insulate the water heater. This allowed the heater to keep the closet warm enough to prevent the pipes freezing. Without a closet the water heater and water pipes would have to be heavily insulated. Even the downtown Sheraton Hotel suffered burst pipes in the rooftop penthouse and leaking water down through 27 floors of hotel rooms!

Lawson1During this extreme cold snap I noticed a hesitation when I tried to start my mini-van. I simply blamed it on the cold weather. Wrong! My battery was slowly dying. Thursday morning it was completely dead. How could this be? My van had only 12,700 miles on the odometer. The problem is that the original battery on a new car is not the best and my van is loaded with electronic features that put a big load on a battery. My battery had reached the end of it’s useful life.

Lawson’s once again came to the rescue. I called PK Kelly at 352-4230 …….

“No problem, I can either send someone to jump-start your car and bring it in, or if you call AAA to start the car and if you drive here I will have a new battery in your car in 10 minutes.”; he tells me.

jumper-cablesWe waited nearly two hours for the jump-start guy to arrive and start the van. We drove it to Lawson’s and within 10 minutes we were driving home with a brand new high quality, high capacity  battery with a 75 month warranty.

Lawson’s is a big supporter of The Cloister and contributes a gift certificate regularly as a drawing prize at the monthly Cloister Covered Dish Supper. I am a big supporter of Lawson’s and use them when I have car problems.


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