Low-Cost Options for Aging in Place Improvements

RemodelAAccording to the SRES Council (Seniors Real Estate Specialist), here are some low-cost options for your current home for aging in place.

Safety Improvements

Flooring: carpeting is better than area rugs because it is continuous and reduces tripping hazards. It also provides a cushion if a fall occurs.

Handrails: many stairways have a handrail on only one side. Adding a second handrail on the opposite wall improves stability.

Footwear: non-slip shoes, as opposed to slippers or socks, help prevent falls.

Non-skid safety strips: non-skid strips that are adhered to the floor of a tub / shower are preferred to removable bath mats.

Bathroom grab bars: locating them in places where bending and sitting occur (i.e. by a toilet; on a tub wall) provides stability. It’s best to anchor them into the wall.

Quality step ladder: a broad-based heavy-duty step ladder for items stored out of reach. A hand-hold bar across the top improves stability and safety.

Lighting: better lighting helps prevent falls.  Motion-activated lights improve visibility in pass-thru areas such as hallways. Brighter lighting makes reading or doing tasks more enjoyable.

Convenience Factors

Hand shower: install a hand-held system with a flexible hose where a fixed shower head currently exists.

Raised toilet seats: a removable seat fits most toilets. No need to replace that expensive toilet with a taller one.

Knobs: lever-style handles are easier to turn than round handles.

Cooking utensils: many light-weight and ergonomically designed utensils are now available. Many have non-slip handles, some are even oven-proof..

Often-used items: keep them handy in easy to access locations.

Eliminate excess: having fewer items to store and sort through makes most-often items easy to find and retrieve.


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