A Great New Shopping Place

AMAZON LogoA few years ago we had started to use Amazon.com as a source for some purchases where we did not need the products immediately, there is always several days required for shipping. The situation is rapidly changing. Recently Walmart has announced a resurrected “Buy American Program” but it is a sham. See Walmart sham and We can’t Shop Ourselves into Prosperity.

I try to keep track with what is going on in the rest of the world

  1. I watch cable news from Europe and Asia available on Comcast Channel 241, MHz broadcasts worldwide news programs from Midnight thru 7:00am.
  2. I read foreign news on http://www.worldpress.org/

Alibaba LogoI have noticed something very interesting.

The Chinese news channel frequently covers news and events about an Internet Marketing firm called Alibaba.com which at one time exclusively sold products in wholesale quantities worldwide while selling those products in individual quantities to the Chinese public.  Alibaba has since become the largest internet sales company in China and sells more consumer product than any other company in China, and perhaps, the world.

Alibaba has now expanded their consumer internet sales operation to where they sell consumer products to anyone, anywhere, at any time, any place in the world. I have made several purchases from Alibaba, delivery can take up to 3 weeks but… they usually pay the shipping costs. They ship via China Post Air Mail  and there is no China sales tax. I pay 1/3 to 1/10 of what I would have paid for the same item from a U.S. source.

This is real globalization that is starting to benefit you and me rather than U.S Multinational Corporations.

When I search an item in Aliexpress.com I see comments from others who have bought the same item, as well as the quantities purchased to date, Alibaba even includes a small national flag identifying the country of each purchaser. I have made my living involved in manufacturing and exporting consumer hard goods, we spent a lot of time in determining where to build factories in the US.  Walmart refused to deal with distributors and sales reps and insisted in dealing directly with manufacturers and bypassing the middlemen.   Eventually when US companies began to import foreign manufactured goods we selected what factories to close down until there were no factories left to shutter. And later Walmart bypassed American Importers and bought direct from China. We consumers had no power at all.

Now the Chinese are beginning to sell direct bypassing the U.S. corporations and retailers and offering absolutely great prices. It also appears the Chinese government supports this China export effort by subsidizing the shipping costs so Chinese exports ship free to anywhere in the world.

You can take a look at this unique internet marketer at http://www.aliexpress.com/

Alibaba Page

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