What is Warner Park and The Cloister Neighborhood Group?

Nextdoor1What is this “Nextdoor.com Neighborhood Group”

I am registered with Nextdoor.com. I noticed that 11 homeowners from the local neighborhood have connected through Nextdoor. This is what The Tennessean has to say…..

Tennessean 6/29/13 by Fisk

A California firm has added Nashville to its online social network based on the city’s neighborhoods.

Nextdoor, a service designed to connect neighbors through social media, said Friday Nashville had been added to service that ties users’ home addresses to an online social network. The service also is available as an iPhone app.

Mayor Karl Dean announced the partnership last week as part of the Mayor’s Neighborhood Challenge.

“On Nextdoor neighbors can easily connect with their neighbors about the things that matter,” such as finding lost dogs and keys, organizing neighborhood cleanups and alerting neighbors to suspicious activity, the company said in a statement.

“Having easy, immediate access to those people that live nearby is extremely useful and often crucial.”

More than 50 other cities have signed up for the service, the company says. Those include San Diego, Dallas and Buckhead, Ga.

Nashvillians can sign up at Nextdoor.com

It looks like the Nextdoor App could be interesting and valuable. One neighbor told fellow neighbors about a speed trap on Post Road. I’m watching to see if enough neighbors get involved to make it useful. It resembles a up-featured private text messaging and message board. Cloister residents may want to visit Nextdoor.com.Nextdoor2

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