The Crowd Filled the Room at The Cloister Neighborhood Covered Dish Supper

covered dish supperTuesday, March 12 the crowd filled the room at the Cloister Neighborhood Covered Dish Supper. They had to set up an additional table in a corner of the large meeting room. I didn’t do a count but attendance may have reached 80-100 people.

We sat at a table #2 with Diane, Virginia, Erika, and Ricky. Table 2, for a change, was the second table called up to the food line. Most of the dishes were excellent, fortunately we can take what we want and leave the rest, and a desert table of unmatched selection and quality. The Covered Dish Committee made a good change when they moved the main meat choices toward the end of the food line rather that right in front. Some meat choices were left for those unlucky who are called up last.

When Bonney and I started coming to these affairs several years ago we became discouraged because there never seemed to be enough food for people at tables called up last. It was mostly our luck to sit at a table among the last to be called to the food line. We have since decided that whatever dishes we would bring would be enough to feed six to eight people. And since there was two of us we would bring two containers of food. That probably doesn’t make much of a difference in the total amount of food available but it makes us feel better.

neighborWe had 5 newcomers whose names I failed to write down and absolutely cannot remember. These newcomers once again prove that The Cloister at Saint Henry is one of the greatest secrets in Nashville. Anyone who has visited a Cloister resident, or had any other reason to visit the Cloister, eventually  decides that this is the place to move, and live among a congenial group of neighbors.

3 thoughts on “The Crowd Filled the Room at The Cloister Neighborhood Covered Dish Supper

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  2. Thanks, Peter. The supper attendance was just over 50. We move about and circulate well during the conversations before food! That may make the estimated crowd seem bigger than it is! Regardless, I think our lively conversations are a real and important positive.

    • I always enjoy the opportunity to meet new Cloister members over our pot luck meals. These
      events help us appreciate one another and enhance our feeling of community. Thanks also to Pete, who consistantly keeps us all informed about Cloister happenings!

      Fran Rogers

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