Locating for Retirement

Most of us have done what this news piece suggests……RetirementLocating0001

  1. No state tax except the Hall Tax.
  2. The HOA Board has done a good job holding down Monthly Association Fee
  3. Many Realtors suggest making home improvements before selling. The problem is that the seller cannot recover the cost of major improvements in increased selling price of the Condo. Most buyers want to redo what they buy anyway.

Congratulations! I think all of us made a fine decision by moving to The Cloister at Saint Henry


3 thoughts on “Locating for Retirement

  1. I appreciate the board working to keep fees down. .I can’t imagine an increase in association fees! My understanding is they are above average now, I wonder if any research has been done on association fees for communities comparable to ours.

    I understand fee was increased some time back to plan for some of these capital improvements we’ve made and it was to be reduced at some point in time. I feel from board meetings there will never be a decrease. I understand we are working to build reserves?. Is there a dollar figure we are trying to reach?

    And as an aside, It feels very threatening to hear frequent comments stating board and management company work hard to avoid a rate increase. Of course they do….that is one of the priorities of a board’s responsibility. I appreciate their attention to financial matters, but strongly suggest that before a fee increase is even considered, we identify areas where we can cut expenses. . Best wishes to everyone. Ann

    • Hi Ann, you say that you understand HOA Association fees are above average. Please share with us what you know about other Condo Association fees? Who, and how much? I have seen Zip 37205 Condo Fees of $750/month at Rokeby, a high rise condo just east of us on Hwy 70. Thanks for sharing what you know.

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