Why I Don’t Cancel My Regular Telephone Service

My wife and I each have a cell phone. I usually carry mine with a lanyard on my neck. We have considered cancelling our regular phone service but our regular phone service has great advantages.

AT&TDect6.0WirelessPhoneWe use a wireless phone set with a main station connected to a telephone service and three additional handsets located in various rooms throughout the house. Each remote handset is simply plugged into an electric outlet with no additional connections required(wireless). This allows each of us…


  1. To be within steps of a telephone making it easy for either of us to answer a call.
  2. Each of us can be on a separate handset when we are talking to a family member. (like a conference call without a hassle, simply pick up the handset)

Over the last 6 years I changed from AT&T after they raised my service charge from $40 to $80, I switched to Vonage at $25/month, I now pay $36.25/month.

This offer came in the Sunday Tennessean…….AT&T Landline offer0001
That’s a great offer for anyone who has a home phone and is paying too much for home phone service. Plug the device in an electric outlet and plug your phone into the device. I use Vonage because I already pay for internet service but this service does not require internet service.
This may be worth looking into for those using landline home phone services from AT&T.

3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Cancel My Regular Telephone Service

  1. Vonage is currently offering monthly service to new customers for $25 vs AT&T’s ?19.95 (that difference is $60.60 over a year period) It may not seem like much to some, but the penneys add up) I am considering cancelling Vonage and using the AT&T service but I am told it is difficult to cancel Vonage. Even cancelling by phone did not stop Vonage from billing one person’s charge card for 3 months after Vonage was instructed to cancel. I will have to look into this possible problem.

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