About Cable, Phone, and Internet Services at The Coister

CableWallStreetCrookCable service for Cloister residents is the largest single spending item in the 2013 Cloister Budget at a whopping $120,000 for 2013 with a $8,000, 7%, increase over last year. This price increase is equal to a total month’s HOA Association fee paid by 32 homeowners!

Preliminary results of the recent survey of homeowners at The Cloister at Saint Henry suggests that Cloister homeowners may be paying too much for Cable and other services. 64% of the residents surveyed say that the Cloister HOA should look into this matter.

The Cloister at Saint Henry is a major business opportunity for any service providers and the Cloister HOA Board may be able to use our buying power to get the best deal for our homeowners! We are now spending $120,000 a year for Basic Cable TV service while being individually charged for various devices including Digital Video Recorders, HD boxes, and modems which are provided with no additional cost by some other services. Those using AT&T standard phone service can cut their phone bill substantially by switching to AT&T U-verse Voice services if we had the new AT&T TV Services.

Here are preliminary results of a recent Cloister Cable Survey (I have removed names)…

Actually I pay LESS than $119 a month for phone,internet and cable BUT it’s always good to try to negotiate a good price if it hasn’t been done in awhile.

..they should also see what A, T, and T has to offer. We started out when we moved here with comeast tv service, but were not satisfied, so got A. T, and T. Bottom line we are paying the maintenance fee but also paying for a, t, and t.

There is no way I can pay beyond the fee. I do not have unlimited funds. I do want cable service and I am satisfied with what i have. A rebate is a one time thing and the fine print ALWAYS says that after the “special deal” the cost will return to whatever the going rate has been, is, will be. None of the offers are a deal for the customer–ONL Y THE COMPANY WILL PROFIT. Don’t be fooled by the offers of any of them …

I am extremely happy with Comcast and their service. They come out when they say and give get CS. At&t is known to raise their prices often.

I pay for one Hi Def box and do not get any premium channels. I do use netfiix for most movies. I have expanded basic and hi def. I know of some residents who do not use hi def and who may not want to pay for it. A good survey is certainly the right place to start. I do not use a land line phone and my internet/cable package runs about $92 per month including wi-fi. If you do negotiate, and can make the land line an option, I would be interested, Otherwise I would save nothing.

Yes/No – that’s really up to the majority:)

I use One Suite (http://www.onesuite.com/faq)formylongdistancephone service (started when numerous family members lived overseas). I also use Skype (http://en.wikipedia.orgfwiki/Skype).

I’m perfectly happy to pay the $29.95/month to Comcast for internet access. Whenever AT&T calls to ask if I want to switch, I tell them we get TV in the development from Comcast & wish to stay wI them for internet access.

Actually, I’m a little bit confused wI the message you sent us 🙂

I pay $150 a month with no telephone or premium channels. I do have wireless and DVD recording. Funny, I was thinking last week about looking into a dish or some other cable service. I know a dish would require a variance (Ha!) Take $50 off of our COA fee and let everyone get their own cable service! This service hasn’t been looked at since beginning when, at the time, it was a convenience and probably a deal. In addition, I’ve seen cabCould everyone negotiate their own cable deal? Please keep us posted

Why don’t we obtain competitive quotes. Does the Cloister HOA have a copy of a contract or agreement with Comcast? What about having competitors present a proposal for a neighborhood-wide Dish or AT&T program? As Comcast what they can do for us?

I am satisfied with the service that I presently have.  Based on the cost you cited for both Comcast and AT&T my fees would increase.  I do not bundle the cost of TV, Internet and phone and don’t want to.  I have my internet and phone services through AT&T and basic cable with Comcast and don’t want any additional costs for cable

They are constantly offering specials see if they will work with you. All they can do is say no.

Recent News Article about Comcast Rates……

Comcast’s cable rates rise for second time this year

By Arielle Kass

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Posted: 5:00 a.m. Monday, Sept. 10, 2012



Most of Comcast’s cable-only plans will go up $3 a month; the price of packages will increase by $5 a month. Comcast’s highest cable-only level — Digital Preferred, with two premium channels — will cost $104.70 a month with the new rates. Its Digital Preferred package will cost $83.90 monthly, while Digital Starter will be $65.95 a month. The price of Digital Economy television will rise $5 a month, to $34.95.

The Cloister pays $41.49 per month for Basic Cable for each homeowner and I have seen nothing but Comcast price increases since I have moved to The Cloister.

WebconfusionI receive promotional materials from Comcast and other competitors offering much lower prices, some with 2 year price guarantees, free digital video recorders, and many more channels along with lower cost and package options for phone and internet services.

Is the Home Owners Association arrangement with Comcast the best deal for us? Or can we do better?

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3 thoughts on “About Cable, Phone, and Internet Services at The Coister

  1. Thanks for exploring the Comcast subject. I think a meeting on this with Comcast representatives and information from other companies would be helpful.

  2. Comments sent to me by direct e-mail:
    …..I agree and would like to get bids. When Comcast got the contract, that was the only cable service available at the time. As I said already, we prefer A, T, and T and would like to see them bid.
    …..I have no extras for commcast; therefore I pay nothing for tv service. I have no landline phone; I pay at&t $30.00 A MONTH FOR INTERNET. I want no changes!!!!!!

  3. Think I missed the survey but would be interested in paying less than the near $200. monthly charge through Comcast for wireless internet, & 2 tv sets with HD recievers & one DVR. Often your topics reflect something I had been mulling over before taking action. Thanks for the timely intersection of my thoughts.

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