Security at The Cloister

PoliceLate last year Bonney and I were driving on Cana and saw a Police car stopped at the curb just ahead. The outside emergency alarm in one of the condo units filled the air with a harsh, disturbing scream. The Police were standing outside the home talking with several neighbors. Bonney and I pulled to the side of the street and watched.

We found later that the home owner had gone shopping. I don’t know if she had a card posted on the outside door but after some conversation with a neighbor we saw the police break into her home by crashing through her storm and regular doors. The owner had to pay to replace both doors!

It might be a good idea in case of an emergency to type up a card, about the size of a business card and tape it to the front door. The card reads:

In Case of an Emergency Call:

Neighbor 555-5555

Son 666-6666

…and leave a spare house key with the neighbor whose phone number is on the card.

We have one of these cards taped onto our front door. It not only allows a way for emergency response people to enter the house in case of an emergency but is a safe and convenient way to keep a spare house key.911A

3 thoughts on “Security at The Cloister

  1. Did those 3 things pretty much right after we moved here 🙂

    I also pick up any newspapers thrown in driveways of homes
    in my neighborhood where I know the house is empty or the
    people are away … if empty, I take home & discard … if away,
    I place by the front door …


  2. Another thing, people should leave the storm door unlocked if they aren’t at home and just lock the interior door so if someone needs to enter they won’t have to damage the storm door to get
    in to the locked front door. Barbara

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