A Flooding at The Cloister

water1 001I woke up Saturday morning and as I walked toward the bathroom, water squirted up from between the floor boards of the bedroom. We had trouble!

We could not find the source of the flooding. Up from under the slab? Inside a wall? Down from overhead? There is just one smart thing to do….call Charles!

You can see evidence of Charles Hinton’s presence by his older model turquoise pick up truck. His truck is usually somewhere in the Cloister complex. He oversees much of the activity related to maintaining our complex.

water1 010After nearly an hour of troubleshooting Charles advised us that the source of the water was either under the concrete slab floor or inside a wall, most likely, there was a water pipe leak inside the bathroom wall, he was absolutely right. If the leak was from under the slab floor, the HOA must pay to fix and repair water damage. If a pipe was leaking inside the wall our insurance should cover.

water1 012Charles shut off the water, we spent the weekend with no water.  Meanwhile our insurance company advised me that insurance covered the water damage but we must pay the plumber to fix the leak. On Monday the plumber cut into the wall and repaired the leaky pipe. That was just the start of a long week.

1. A water mitigation team came in and tore out almost every square foot of floor in the house.

2. They ran 8 turbine fans and 4 huge dehumidifiers for 2 1/2 days to dry out our home.

3. We spent two days in a motel.

4. We are now living on mostly bare concrete floors until a new floor is installed, after the holidays.

This has been a new experience for us which I hope we will never repeat.

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