Are There Options to Life Alert?

Life Alert warns seniors with the commercial:

“Help I’ve Fallen and I can’t get up!”

What does Life Alert cost?

A monthly monitoring fee of $29.95 provides the Life Alert button and the Master Unit (the 2-way speaker)..

Additional packages may include a monitored smoke detector, a monitored carbon monoxide detector and emergency cell phones, for protection away from home. Additional monitoring fees range between $29.95-$59.95.

A Programming and set up fee of $99 includes installation and testing, programming medical and emergency contact information, maintenance for all equipment (free equipment and battery replacement included for life) $29.95 minimum monthly fee.

Guardian Alert 911

Guardian Alert 911 or are two-way communication devices that do not require any monthly fees, no long-term contract commitments and no hidden costs. The pendant worn by the user immediately dials a 911 operator when needed. This is not merely a 911 alert, but a two-way communication device that permits talking directly to the operator. It is compatible with Smart 911 used by Davidson County.

“LogicMark Guardian Panic Alert 911 Pendant Phone”

Guardian Alert 911 Features:
– Small pendant unit is worn on person, button can be pressed to dial 911 during an emergency (fall, accident, illness, danger)
 – No monthly monitoring FEES, services charges, or contracts
– Hold down recessed button for two seconds to activate, unit will call 911 and you can speak with an operator through the speaker/mic located on unit
 – Works just like a cordless phone (2.4 GHz) on any standard phone line with 911 service and tone dialing
 – 600 Foot Range
 – Can be comfortably worn around the neck, clipped on a belt, or carried in pocket
 – Replaceable battery lasts 1 year in standby and 30 minutes during talk time
 – No tools required, installs in minutes
 – Pendant is splash resistant
– Voice confirmations during dialing, shutdown, systems test, and battery test
– Auto power off after 4 minutes of activity
 – Unit dimensions: 3.75″L x 1.75″W
– 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty
– White
“Designed with the elderly in mind, the 911 Guardian Phone is a portable phone that makes direct calls to 911 during emergency situations. The lightweight telephone can be worn around the neck and features a single Activation button.”
Price: $199.95
Sale: $149.95

Register with Smart911 and use a cell phone on a lanyard, in your pocket or in a belt clip.

Cell Phone with Lanyard

With a cell phone, there is no additional cost to what you already pay for cell phone  service, cost of a neck lanyard (similar to those used as nurses ID lanyards that hang around their necks)   for the cell phone is $12.95.

See Smart 911 Can Save the Lives of Cloister Residents for information on Smart911. Find it in the “Health” Category at the right.

What is the best choice?

Life Alert costs $360/year plus $99 one time fee.-Total $459

  • Ongoing Annual Cost………$360 per year

Guardian Panic Alert costs a one time purchase of $149.00-Total $149

  • Ongoing Annual Cost………..Zero

Cell Phone using Smart911 -TracPhone  $19.95 plus 1 year card for $99 Total $118.95 

  • Ongoing Annual Cost……….$99 for TracPhone service
  • No annual Cost  if already have a cell phone $12.95 for a Neck Lanyard or holster..

When the time comes to consider this, each of us must take the best decision under their situation. But at least there are choices…..

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