Nature Trails and Dog Parks at The Cloister

We Cloister residents can have an opportunity to visit each other in several sections of the “Common Areas” at The Cloister. Two of these areas are obvious. When the weather is right we meet and enjoy the company of each other at the Cloister pool.

Many community wide activities and events are held at the Clubhouse where we enjoy holiday get-togethers and the monthly Cloister Covered Dish Supper and where various Ad Hoc Groups meet for prayer, exercise, book reviews and other activities.

But there are three other areas not as well known. For want of a better description I choose to call them The Cloister Nature Trails and Dog Parks.

The nearest Off-Leash Dog Park is outside The Cloister area, Edwin Warner Dog Park located on Vaughn Road off of Old Hickory Blvd. It’s close but probably will require driving there. The area is fenced in and dogs can be unleashed to run free. See below.

But we at The Cloister have our own special places right on the property…..

There are three hidden places on one end of the Cloister property that are Nature Trails and Paths and may be ideal places for our pet owners to walk and curb their dogs rather than suffer the hard stares of residents who don’t appreciate dog dung and yellow burnt-out patches from dog urine in their front yard. Dogs still must be leashed in these areas but they are open grassy spaces, some with paved paths. You can locate them from the aerial views below….look for arrows identifying the entrances.

These may be good places for some of our dog walkers to try.


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