The Cloister Good Neighbors Coffee Get-together and Clubhouse Birthday Party

Bonney and I spent most of Saturday at the Cloister Clubhouse. 77 people signed up for a name tag at the Annual Good Neighbors Coffee.  Afterward we attended a Cloister neighbor’s birthday party at the clubhouse.

Two huge tables were loaded with hors d’oeuvres and canapés and beverages for the Coffee reception. The parking lot was packed while inside of the clubhouse was arranged in cozy areas, small circles of chairs in arranged in the corners of the ballroom, small groups visited with each other around the tables in the library, and the usual male suspects did their own thing on the couches and sofas in the side room. It was a very friendly event and the “Good Neighbors” committee did an absolutely great job.

Later in the afternoon Bonney and I helped a good neighbor, her family, and friends celebrate her 90th birthday. More great food, I especially enjoyed the swedish meatballs and fresh fruits. Our friend is a very lucky person, her family members greeted and hosted each of us as we entered the clubhouse, the place was full with family members including a number of children and infants.

We were fortunate to first meet the birthday guest of honor when she volunteered her time to provide the table decorations for the monthly Changing Gears program and luncheon at the Westminster Presbyterian Church on West End.


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