A Great Pot Luck Dinner on Tuesday

What a great Pot Luck Get-together! Attendance was so large that chairs had to be set up at the ends of tables to seat everybody. Our Pot Luck committee announced they will have to set up more tables next time.

We had two resident musicians playing piano in the background. Many of our new residents don’t know of a number of world famous residents at The Cloister. One of the extraordinary pianists entertaining us was Dr. Matthew Kennedy, former Director of the Fisk Jubilee Singers, the choir at Nashville’s Fisk University that was formed in the 1860’s and continues to today. His fingers fly over the keys and he knows by heart almost any song you can request.

Dr. Kennedy

There is a modest $4 per person charge to cover expenses and cost of the main entree, fried chicken and roast pork this time. If you haven’t done so….try the next pot luck.

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