Who Are Our New Cloister Neighbors?

It has become it difficult to learn of, and communicate with, new Cloister homeowners except those in the immediate neighborhood. The only reference to a new neighbor moving to The Cloister is a single one-time entry, sometimes containing a phone number, and sometimes not, in the printed monthly “The Cloister News“. The theory is that we are supposed to copy that information into our two year old printed Cloister directory. (perhaps fitting it into the margins of the page…or with Post-it notes?)

We get more information about a resident who dies than we get about a new resident who moves in. Are expectations too high regarding information contained in the official Cloister website located at http://www.cloisteratsthenry.com/ ? (Except for the public part, that website is password protected so contact information about any individual resident could be made available only to Cloister residents.)

The website is not maintained up-to-date..

There are many errors and omissions suggesting that the no one is keeping the website updated and useful to the residents.

Some of the long time residents tell me that “They don’t do computers.”

Many of us who have moved into the Cloister over the last decade say “We do computers and use the internet for many activities and communications.”

We are getting this…...

Instead of this……

Here are a few observations about the official Cloister website:

  • Absentee Ballot for the last Board of Director Election has not been removed.
  • Financial Reports have entries for October and November 2011 and April 2012…nothing current
  • The only Budget posted was for last year but nothing for 2012
  • The only Homeowner Directory consists of images of the printed pages of a directory nearly 2 years old and does not include the 20% of residents who moved to The Cloister since the directory was printed.
  • The Community News section has nothing in it.
  • There is no insurance information about the blanket Cloister policy, we are told to contact Agency Fredrich, Pinson & Rothberg 615-327-0105
  • There is no listing of the current Board of Directors. A note says “The Directory is NOT public. Please go to DOCUMENTS, click on DIRECTORY”. But there is no directory of the Board of Directors in DOCUMENTS
  • There is no listing of the various Committee Chairpersons and committee members if we want to contact them about a Committee matter.
  • The Calendar has no entries.
  • The posted Homeowner’s Manual is simply an image of the printed page of a years-old manual and does not have the most recent updates to Cloister rules.
  • A Cloister homeowner would hope the part of the website available to the general public would say nice things about living at the Cloister and the benefit of home ownership at The Cloister. When I Google the term “The Cloister at Saint Henry” I am pointed at the website which includes one sentence “Welcome to The Cloister at Saint Henry” with most of the rest of that page appearing to be advertising for the management company we pay from our monthly home owner’s association fees.

We homeowners also pay an extra annual charge for that website. Do we expect too much if we look to an accurate, up-to-date and current website that is positive about living in The Cloister, contains information about Cloister operations and finances, and supports Cloister home market values?

This is a survey to get your reaction about the offficial Cloister Website…..

You can add additional comments anonymously in the area below….


9 thoughts on “Who Are Our New Cloister Neighbors?

  1. Pete, Thank you for all of your work getting information out via the internet. The Good Neighbors is a work in progress. It isn’t the answer to everything, but hopefully we can improve communication between residents, and have better relationships with our neighbors.

  2. Pete
    Your work is very valuable for all of us who are determined to make the Cloister a more open, deliberative and democratic place. I am organizing a slate of dedicated owners who will run with me for the Board in January. I am committed to expanding both the scope and the depth of communications as a first step toward giving the resident more control over the Cloister. Clearly the website has to improve and your effort will help in that regard. How are you going to share the results of your survey with the Board and the other residents. I would be happy to help you in that regard at the next so-called Open Board Meeting.

  3. Thank you for all of your extra efforts. I cannot tell you how many times I have had the exact thoughts and concerns you have highlighted above. After being a resident to two and a half years I have basically decided to stop trying to get information. At first I was so eager to get involved, and be a informed resident of the Cloister Community. That’s why the work you are doing is so very important. I look forward to getting your emails, because I know I’m going to learn something new about the community in which I live. Keep up the good work, there are many residents that appreciate you and your work more than you will ever know.
    Thank you!

    • Please do not give up totally on being informed. Along with Pete who is doing a great job, there are several of us who are working to improve communication and create a more democratic system of governance.

  4. Thanks Pete for investigating this for all of us. David bragged that his websites for his condo complexes was “just the best” and we were excited to have him open one of us. With what you have found it is just not worth the extra cost unless it can be updated and kept uptodate. thanks again for your work Pete,

    • The question is a good one, “Who are our new Cloister neighbors?” Have been here a year this month and other than your invitation to recieve this blog, experienced no other “outreach.” The information you consistently present is timely. The poll was informative and revealing. Want to say Thank You for your effort & the quality of your end product. Your information is what i consistently offer to friends consideering retirement community living.

      • I totally appreciate all u do for we residents. Your post are the only way I “find out about things”…I know u spend a lot of your time researching for “US” Thank You!
        Connie Miller

      • Shirley
        We are reestablishing the Cloister Good Neighbor group. I hope that someone has contacted you by now as we are reaching out to both established and new residents. This is part of a growing effort to create more community and to establish better communications. I can be reached at jweley@comcast.

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