Buildings and Property Maintenance at The Cloister

Bonney and I have lived at The Cloister at St Henry for over 8 years. During this time a great deal of money has been spent on repair, maintenance and upkeep of the Cloister property. Some of the spending is unique to the Cloister property. As I understand it, and am told, prior to the construction of the Cloister buildings and infrastructure, hills were flattened and valleys were leveled with landfill. Since I have been living here $millions have been spent in keeping the Cloister property attractive and well maintained.

These are some of the things I have seen done since we moved here.

  1. The stormwater drainage system has been considerably upgraded
  2. All roofs have been replaced
  3. All streets have been repaved
  4. Major retaining walls have been rebuilt
  5. Slabs, driveways and basements damaged by settling of landfill have been repaired rebuilt or replaced
  6. I’m sure there are many other things I haven’t noticed or don’t know about.

From April to November a contractor, I only know him by his first name “Norman”, repairs and replaces whatever is necessary to keep the outside of our homes in good condition and he is followed by painters who pressure wash, scrape, caulk amd paint the outside of the buildings.

The buildings are being brought up to good condition, section by section, over a number of years. All of this has been under the management and supervision of property manager Floyd and Assoc., our all volunteer ARMS Committee, and our on-site facilities manager Charles Hinton. I don’t always agree with all their actions and decisions, but….on the whole….they do a real good job.

The swimming pool and clubhouse are kept clean and sanitary and are in reasonably good shape under the close eye of other Cloister volunteers, Barbara Swift and Rosemary Padgett .

Most times volunteers are not sufficiently appreciated for everything they do. Many of us, including me, find it easy to throw out suggestions about what HOA volunteer board and committee members should do but I have not been ready to stand up and take my turn as a volunteer worker. Having been a member of the Cloister HOA Board gave me a fresh perspective of the demands made on volunteers.

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