Making Cloister Life A Little Easier

None of us move to The Cloister at Saint Henry if we don’t have some unique situation where a “Universal Design” Condo will make life easier. Universal Design is a set of construction principles that help people with either advancing age or physical limitations be more independent.


Health issues can pose a burden upon a Cloister resident.  Bonney and I have decided to take action to reduce the workload on Bonney that results from some of my health issues. We have hired someone to come twice a month and do a thorough house cleaning. I find the biggest problem during her first visit is staying out of her way as she works her way through our home. She is a whirlwind!

Donita came highly recommended by a good neighbor. Not only is she available to help out with keeping our home clean and livable, she has helped some neighbors with other issues that we Cloister residents sometimes face because of need for assistance whatever the reason, including errands, appointments, etc. Currently she has five clients who reside at The Cloister.

Donita (Tel. 226-4408, she says “Leave a Message”) gives our home a thorough cleaning while Bonney can enjoy doing what she likes, working with our garden. I especially enjoy basil, mint, peppers and tomatos Bonney magically harvests from our little garden area.


2 thoughts on “Making Cloister Life A Little Easier

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  2. Pete,
    This was a nice edition of the blog about living atthe Cloister with some helpful information. Thank you so much. I am taking John to see Fiddler on the Roof, thanks to your reminder! Donna

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