Beginning A New Season at The Cloister Clubhouse Pool……

A great benefit of home ownership at The Cloister is use of the private swimming pool behind the Clubhouse. Depth of the pool ranges from 4 feet at either end to approximately 5 feet in the middle. Rails at both stairways into the pool makes entering and exiting relatively easy. The pool is open 24 hours a day and is lighted at night.

An aquatic exercise group meets several times a week. Barbara Bentley invites all homeowners to join her exercise group on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 am.

Each homeowner has been given a key to the Clubhouse door, this same key opens either of the two gates to the fence enclosing the swimming pool. The cylinder locks on the entry gates are old and appear to be somewhat worn like a 10 year old car with 150,000 miles, it still works but barely. Some people have difficulty turning their key in the lock, I am able to open the lock after fiddling with it for a time, some can’t seem to be able to do so, they usually shout for someone in the pool area to open the gate for them.

These are the pool rules from the Homeowner’s Manual.

Cloister Clubhouse Pool Rules

Bonney and I look forward the the pool opening, we use it a lot during the season. Often we hear the children shouting from the outdoor pool at the Gordon Jewish Community Center next door but it’s great to have our own pool. I love children, I fail to delight in a pool full of them. We especially look forward to meeting and chatting with our neighbors as we enjoy each other’s company. I hope we see you there……


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