Change….Living a Full Life

I am fortunate, invigorated by the spring weather, refreshed by longer days, with an exciting and vital wife. The advent of each Spring energizes my wife Bonney like electricity drives a motor, so for me, longer days allow us to grill and enjoy more time outdoors.

And Bonney is making changes nearly everywhere inside and outside our home.

An Iris outside our Home

Change is Life! Without change still water becomes a stagnant pool. No seasonal changes equals a sand or ice desert. Instead of resisting change I need to embrace it with open arms.

Outside, Bonney has pulled weeds, planted various potted vegitation and herbs, and protected them from two nights of frost. Our home is now surrounded by Iris and Day Lillies, lillies being replanted from gardens in Oxford, Mississippi. Soon we will see many birds and bugs.

Our bedroom wall hangings have been hanging there so many years that they had virtually disappeared. I no longer saw or enjoyed the Japanese silk landscape paintings. A framed poster carrying an inspiring message hung on an adjacent wall, now cloaked in invisibility, by the passage of time.

Over time, almost unnoticed, everything had merged into sameness. Bonney took the old down and put up new, different, and illuminated by the light of the new moment. Today as I enter the doorway of the bedroom, a family portrait, taken decades ago, of Bonney, me, and our teenage sons greets me. The old poster is replaced by a beautiful cross-stitched prayer we recently bought from the estate of George Deroche who lived on Siena Drive. Many of us watched George and Mary Rosa driving down the Cloister streets doing their “Real Estate Thing.”

George's Cross Stitch

George’s daughter sold it to us as she broke up George’s home after his death. The daughter had sewn the prayer for George 30 years ago, Bonney and I now enjoy it.

Every so often all of us need to refresh ourselves and our surroundings.


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