Changing Gears at The Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church on West End Avenue

Several years ago Bonney and I attended a number of “Lunch and Learn” type events at the Presbyterian Church on West End Avenue. At that time our Cloister neighbor Mary Field was among the Movers, Shakers, and Doers at Changing Gears. Changing Gears is a gathering of adults 55+ for fellowship, inspiration and food sponsored by the church.

Changing Gears meets every 4th Wednesday at 11:00 am. We lost the habit of attending this program when I had some health problems. But we decided to attend the March program.

March’s program featured five performers including a pianist, violinist, soprano, Guitar/singer, and reader. They presented their program “A Civil War Journey-Music From the Period of the Civil War”. They really lit my wife Bonney up when they played a medley including “Dixie”.

You can listen to a 1916 recording of Dixie. This may be a recording patterned after a minstral show. These shows consisted of comic skits, variety acts, dancing, and music, performed by white people in blackface or, by 1916, black people in blackface. Many soldiers from both the North and South were still alive in 1916. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these singers weren’t young adults during the War Between the States. Click here…..

The luncheon cost $10 per person and was a buffet style full meal with salad and desert along with beverages including coffee, tea, punch, and water. More importantly, the people involved gave us the friendliest and the best experience we had in a very long time.

We enjoyed the company of neighbors Ken and Sofia Keller and saw Mary Field but did not get a chance to sit at lunch with her. If you would like to visit what we felt was a friendly atmosphere you may want to try Changing Gears.  For more information and reservations call Jill at the Westminster Presbyterian Church Tel. 292-5526 Ext.225.

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