Savings Using On-line Grocery Store Coupons at a Remodeled Green Hills Kroger.

Bonney waited at the door, patiently, a cloth shopping bag under her arm, her purse hanging from her arm. Her hand holding a shopping list along with on-line coupons, which she printed from the Kroger Web site. She squeezed by as I locked the door and followed, we were on our way to the newly remodeled Green Hills Kroger, we planned to shop, at the same time inspecting this newly remodeled store.  Kroger spent $4 million on the project. They have put in many new departments and added a  variety of ethnic and speciality foods.

We were pleasantly surprised and will shop at the Green Hills Kroger more often. This store may be well worth a visit for it’s variety and selection.

Publix, Teeter, and Kroger all have on-line coupon plans.

Retail websites are emerging as the go-to destination for digital coupon downloads. Over 80% of all digital coupons are downloaded from retailer websites (the rest are from consumer destination sites like AOL Shortcuts, Cellfire, or P&G eSAVER). Many of these coupon sites require registering for a Username and Password in order to sign in. Publix simply allows us to select and print coupons with no special sign in requirement.

You may want to visit using the Links below….

Click for Publix Coupons…….

Sample of Printed Coupons

Click below for Harris Teeter Coupons(Requires VIC card to register)…….

Click below for Kroger Coupons(Requires Kroger Plus Shoppers Card to register)……….

We save even more by buying during Senior discount days.


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