An Invitation to Cloister Neighbors

During the last 9 months I made 39 individual Blog entries to Cloister Living. I have other Blogs which I manage but Cloister Living is very special. This Blog will always be cheerful and upbeat and I try to make each entry useful to my Cloister  neighbors.  Numerous  personal e-mails express appreciation for my efforts and make helpful suggestions about recent posts and possible future subjects. Several people have added comments in the Comment section of one of my posts. A few have added comments anonymously.

My wife Bonney and I have discussed the fact that 7 of over 70 readers have commented in the Comment area and no one except me has rated a blog entry. Sometimes I will give myself five stars. (If I don’t say that a work of mine is good, who else would?)

Bonney and I have concluded that most people are like she and I. We LURK….we will visit web sites but most of the time we simply read the material and don’t usually add a comment, rating or contribution.

In most cases, making a comment is difficult. Many websites want us to register and provide a UserName and Password. I have done so in some instances but usually I avoid such actions.

My Blog is different. No one must identify themselves or provide an e-mail address unless they want to be a Subscriber to the Cloister Living blog. A subscriber will get a notice by e-mail everytime a new entry is posted. Cloister Living Blog invites you to participate if you wish. You can talk to me or your neighbors three different ways.

  1. Rate a Posting by selecting a rating between one and five stars or in some cases “Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down” . The “Star Rating” and “Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down” sit in the upper left hand corner of an entry.
  2. Add a comment. The Comment feature is available at the bottom of each Post. The Commenter can either identify him/her self or remain anonymous. The Comment area is at the bottom of each post. (If desired, anonymity is total, no one knows the identity of the Commenter except that  person)
  3. Contribute an entry to the blog. If you have written something that you feel is of value to our neighbors, send it to me by e-mail. I will post it as a blog entry and set you up as a Contributor.

Do a little experiment and go to the top of this page and click on one of the stars in the “Star Rating” area in the upper left hand side of this page. It’s easy!

Hopefully, some of our Cloister neighbors can share their personal experiences which might be helpful to the rest of Cloister Living visitors and residents…..

2 thoughts on “An Invitation to Cloister Neighbors

  1. “An Invitation to Cloister Neighbors | Cloister Living”
    genuinely enables me personally imagine a tiny bit further.

    I really appreciated each and every individual
    part of this blog post. I appreciate it -Rudolph

  2. While I don’t always comment, I always find your blog of interest
    and exceptionally well written and formated.

    Thanks for your contribution to our neighborhood!

    Jeff Wells

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