A Good Night’s Sleep Needs The Right Equipment

When I wake up aching and the mattress coils start to squeak with a sagging middle it is time to buy a new mattress.

Over the last few months I have been looking at mattress ads and internet mattress reviews. The newspaper ads provide little useful information. They call out manufacturer and style, and maybe some price information. Otherwise they provide nothing upon which to take a decision. Video product ratings are sketchy and incomplete.

I have spent hours upon hours searching the internet for clues on mattress brands,  construction, and specific models within each construction type. I even attended a seminar conducted by a physician group specializing in sleep disorders. I asked the presenter what mattress she thought was the best for good, comfortable sleep. Her answer was that she had no opinion and I should choose the best type for me????? Consumer Reports has no ratings on mattresses but rather rates the sellers and retailers.

Fortunately, my son had recently done a “Sleep Study” at Baptist Hospital. He advised me he had the best sleep in years on a Memory Foam mattress used throughout the sleep lab. He immediately bought a memory foam mattress for his wife and himself. He said the only problem he thought I would have with a foam mattress is that it would sink excesssively when I sat on the edge of the bed.

I consider a good bed and mattress the most important piece of equipment necessary for a good night’s sleep. I was faced with a number of choices.

  • A low cost coil mattress with box spring
  • A high end coil mattress with foam reenforced edge support
  • A Sleep Number Air Mattress
  • A Tempurpedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • A Foam Mattress with some form of edge support.

Bonney and I went to several Mattress Stores and tested a number of mattresses at each store. I was surprised to discover that the new flexible memory foam mattresses had an option of an adjustible base with adjustable head and foot levels as well as presets called TV/PC, LOUNGE, and even ZERO GRAVITY as well as your run-of-the-mill FLAT option. They even offered the option of a wireless remote control! And they included a massage feature.

There was a problem with the first beds we looked at. The beds needed a retaining bar at the foot of the bed to prevent the mattress from slipping on the adjustible base. I sit at the end of the bed while dressing and the bar would hit just under my knee joints. That is not good because I have replaced my knee joints with artificial ones.

But…..at another store they offered an option that secured the mattress differently without need of a retaining bar. That was it! My mind was made up. I chose what is called an iComfort Sleep System by Serta with Adjustable base and Revolution model mattress with high density foam edge support similar to that used in the expensive Sterns and Foster coil mattresses. Cost was considerably below Tempurpedic mattresses and I could not assure myself Tempurpedic has dense foam edge support. In any event, considering similar quality I chose the lower cost.
The bed was delivered and set up on Friday. My first night’s sleep was great! Will foam mattresses follow the fad of Water Beds? More shall be revealed in time…..

An update on November 21, 2015

Things and times have changed. I now sleep on a hospital bed with adjustable height, foot, and head sections. The mattress has a pressure redistribution system for comfort and body protection.

My wife found that the iComfort foam bed sleeps hot. We bought her a hybrid mattress with springs and foam. She absolutely loves it.




5 thoughts on “A Good Night’s Sleep Needs The Right Equipment

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  2. Three months with great sleep. I adjust bed to lounge position to watch TV and in the “Zero Gravity” position for sleep. Sometimes when I awake I enjoy several minutes of massage with the bed flat. Best purchase I have made in years.

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