Frogs in Boiling Water-A Cloister Living Lesson

Put a frog in cold water, turn the cooktop burner on, watch the frog swimming around.  The frog doesn’t notice the water getting hotter until he cooks.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

A similar thing was happening to me. Over time our garage door started to shimmer and shake as it rose or lowered. Sometimes the indoor wall switch did not operate very well. The door and opener had been replaced 11 years ago. Like other mechanical items it was beginning to wear.  I didn’t know that a sagging chain indicated a possible problem. I called around town and found someone who would inspect, adjust and lubricate our garage door for $49. He offered to replace the indoor wall switch for an additional charge.

Replacement Part

We have a LiftMaster Door opener and fortunately the serviceman is also a LiftMaster sales representative and is very famiiar with these door operators. He took one glimpse to advise me he suspected a problem he has often seen. It is common for a specific part to wear out. It is indicated by a sagging chain. He removed the cover to the opener assembly and  even I could tell that a part was worn and needed replacement.

Within a half hour he replaced the parts and lubricated the door. It now works as smooth as silk.

The lesson? Bonney and I need to take some time periodically and look around the house. Over time the things we own have become worn, in need of repair, and sometime should be replaced. It’s possible for the frog to jump out of the cookpot before he cooks. So it is with us!.

2 thoughts on “Frogs in Boiling Water-A Cloister Living Lesson

  1. Thanks for the good news that just one part can be replaced to make the door usable. Keep that name some place safe. We all may need it sometime.

  2. Your garage door experience reminded me that, so it seems, just about everything we own has broken, lately,
    including us! I note that these unjust, unexpected, and unwanted occurrences happen one at a time and frequently enough to keep us in a perpetual state of self pity. “Keep them cards and letters coming.”

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