A Podiatrist Volunteers to Help Cloister Residents

Every two months Podiatrist Dr Gary Cockrell comes to the Clubhouse to make foot inspections, maintain toe nails and help with foot problems. Before moving to The Cloister I had little idea what a Podiatrist treated. My initial thought was that I paid more for a pedicure than  Dr Cockrell charged to trim my toenails and inspect my feet for those problems experienced by people of a certain age like me. So I gave him a try and I now see him every two months.

I have since discovered that he has been volunteering these services exclusively to Cloister residents for many years. He sets up an area in the small room alongside the Clubhouse Chapel which makes it very convenient for residents and easy to use by those with limited mobility. He sees people by appointment only every second month according to a sign up sheet on the Clubhouse bulletin board. His fee is $30 for a session. 

What do Podiatrists Treat?

Corns, Calluses, Warts, Ingrown toe nails, Bunions, Claw toes, Hammer toes, Heel pain/ Heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, Flat feet, Arch pain,  Aching feet and legs, Abnormal walking patterns e.g. Intoeing, Shin pain / shin splints, Ankle pain, Knee pain, Hip pain, Certain Lower back pain e.g. Sciatica.

He provides a convenient service.  See the monthly Cloister News for visit date and when the sign-up/appointment sheet is posted.


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