Cloister Home Owners Association Standing Committees Contribute to the Cloister Experience

I have served on the HOA elected Board of Directors, chaired one committee and served as a member of several others. This volunteer work was very rewarding and satisfying.  I enjoyed the rewards and satisfaction of contributing to my community.

The Cloister HOA Standing Committees are those committees authorized by the elected Home Owner’s Association Board of Directors. The only description of some the committees I am able to find is located on The Homeowners’ Manual. I have included these descriptions after the below table.

Serving on a committee is a great way to get to know fellow Cloister neighbors. There is one committee opening that really needs a Chairperson and supporting members….that is the “Good Neighbors” Committee. This committee serves the very important function of being the first contact with newly moved-in residents. The last chair was Annie Sangervasi who now chairs the Library Committee. An active committee member was our roofmate Betty Sutter Tel. 352-6518. Betty visited us when we first moved in and made us feel very welcome. She gave us important information about the Cloister community and facilities nearby the Cloister. I’m sure Betty would not mind being called about her experience with “Good Neighbors”.

These are the Cloister HOA Standing Committees

Committee Chairperson Committee Members
Arms/Grounds John Sangervasi Al Lazaroff – David Stansberry – Charles Hilton
Bridge Thursday Janet Summers
By-Laws & Rules David Standsberry John Sangervasi – Al Lazaroff
Cloister Newsletter Joyce Fort Dixie Frederksen
Clubhouse Rosemary Padgett Billy Ann Parker
Covered Dish Dixie Frederksen Janet Summers
Directory Sophia Keller Joyce Fort – Billy Ann Parker
Document Coordinator Mary Ene Dixie Frederksen
Finance/Budget Al Lazaroff John Sangervasi – David Stansberry – Phil Lee
Good Neighbors Open
Homeowners Manual David Stansberry Al Lazaroff – John Sangervasi – Mary Ene
House Resale Sophia Keller
Library Annie Sangervasi Chris Phillips Dixie Fredricksen
Parliamentarian John Sangervasi
Picture Album Barbara Swift
Podiatrist Emily Lee
Security John Sangervasi David Stansberry – Al Lazaroff
Swimming Pool Barbara Swift
Video Exercises _ PM Open
Video Exercises _ AM Open
Water Exercise Barbara Bentley
Yoga Annie Sangervasi Mariette Dawson
Stitch & Chat Leroy Smith

From The Homeowner’s Manual………………..


The Board is authorized to appoint committees as needed to help them Administer and operate all Cloister business. No committee has the authority tomake or change rules. A committee planning to spend money in excess of $100.00 not specifically allocated to it in the budget should accompany its written request to the Board with an explanation as to the need. Questions and variances should be referred to the Chairman of the area you are concerned with, for himlher to research the problem and make a recommendation to the Board for its resolution.


This Committee is concerned with keeping the exterior of all Units attractive and in conformity with the overall community appearance planned by the designing architect; and with keeping the exterior of all Units in good condition. It is also the concern of this Committee to ensure proper drainage of the entire area.

A variance form must be submitted to. the Chairman for any addition or alteration that you may wish to. make to. the exterior of your Unit. This includes storm doors. garage doors, windows, and storm windows.



The CLOISTER NEWSLETTER is an in-house community newsletter, dealing exclusively with information and news for and about Cloister residents, and committed to help foster the CLOISTER  as an attractive, friendly community of adults considerate of the needs and best interests of all. It is the policy to promote only those activities sponsored by the Cloister Owner’s Association to which all residents are invited, to write obituaries and memorials only for Cloister residents to avoid listing illnesses and hospitalizations.

Anyone may contribute an article or news item and it will be printed over the writer’s signature  space is available. The editor claims the usual editorial rights to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and to rewrite for clarity and emphasis where needed. Substantive changes will be cleared with the writer before printing when possible. Items for the Newsletter should be typed, placed in an envelope marked CLOISTER NEWS, and left at the house of the editor, OR sent by E-Mail, on or before the 24th of the month preceding its publication.


The Clubhouse is provided for the exclusive use and enjoyment of the residents. The Managing Agent supervises the scheduling of private parties, cleaning the Clubhouse, and purchase of maintenance supplies. The Clubhouse Chairperson is the liaison between members and the Managing Agent, passing on to him their questions and suggestions.

Persons or groups using dishes, utensils, flatware, etc., from the kitchen are responsible for cleaning them and returning them to the proper storage areas and also placing the bagged trash in the containers provided in the fenced area behind the clubhouse. No smoking allowed in any part of the Clubhouse. Each Owner is entitled to a key, which opens the locks to the Clubhouse and the gates to the pool. It is available from the Managing Agent.  COA activities may be scheduled from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. and take preference over private parties. Those participating shall share the cost of any COA activity. Owners may schedule private parties with the Managing Agent. A “Private  Party” is, by definition, one limited to the guests invited by the hosts. The Clubhouse is not considered reserved for a private party until the requested time has been cleared with the COA Calendar, and the written reservation form and deposit fee have been turned in to the Managing Agent. Anyone wishing to schedule a private party may pick up a form from the Clubhouse office. Explaining fee schedules, rules, parking, and clean-up as well as giving other helpful information about the Clubhouse facilities and their use.  No animals are allowed in the Clubhouse. Wedding receptions and parties are allowed only for Owners or members oftheir immediate family, parents, sisters, brothers, children or grandchildren. No teen-age or children’s parties are allowed. An adult must accompany children using the restroom. They may not play in the Clubhouse or enter it unaccompanied by a resident. Use of the pool  table by children at any time is prohibited. Use of the pool tableis prohibited at parties. Use of the organ or piano is limited to qualified musicians only with prior permission from the Managing Agent or the Board. Residents are invited to browse in the well-stocked library and may choose books or magazines to take home and read and return. The Clubhouse shall be used only for lawful purposes and activities.


The good neighbors committee is made up of volunteers from the Cloister. Their function is to enhance fellowship and make new residents feel a part of this unique community. They send cards of get well, sympathy, etc., as appropriate. They also visit nursing homes and hospitals. They welcome new residents to the Cloister and give them an information sheet listing all available amenities. The members have a Good Neighbors Coffee once a year for all the Cloister residents with special invitati10ns sent to new residents so they can meet and visit with their new neighbors. The good neighbors committee members finance all aspects of the good neighbors. Several  non-members donate to the treasury and any assistance is appreciated.

Grounds and Beautification

The Grounds and beautification Committee assists in the orderly development and maintenance of the. grounds and recommends yard planting in keeping with the overall community. appearance. Any addition to the areas at the front, back or sides of a unit such as, but not limited to plantings, edgings, statues, or changes in foundation planting. with the exception of hanging basket, require a variance form to be submitted to the Committee and approved by the Board BEFORE being implemented. No furniture or potted plants shall be pieced at the front entrance that will possibly interfere with an emergency entry or exit.

Planting a tree or shrub requires a variance approved by the Board. A list of approved trees is available from the Managing Agent. The planting of shrubs is limited to foundation planting areas and the bed should not exceed five feet from the front, side or back of the unit except to shield air conditioner. The shrubs in front should be species that will remain green most of the year. Owners are required to keep shrubs and trees pruned so that branches and foliage is at least one foot from the building. Pine straw mulch is the only variety of mulch allowed. Termites too easily penetrate other types of mulch.

Areas within the privacy fence are unrestricted as to plantings and arrangements except for ivy and other plants that adhere to rock walls, buildings or fences. Planting of trees is discouraged in this area because of limited size of patio areas. Planting of flowering plants in the foundation area is permitted without a variance. Planting in any other area requires a variance. It is the owner’s responsibility to remove these plants at the end of the season or when they become unattractive. Planting of tomato plants or any vegetables limited to the rear of the house. These plants must be removed when they become unsightly. Landscape timbers are no longer allowed.


COA arranges and pays for grass cutting and trimming during the growing season. Use of lava rocks or other stones in areas where the maintenance contractor trims grass and weeds with a weed eater is prohibited as flying stones can cause damage. General Maintenance Residents are encouraged to water and care for their lawns, shrubs, and flower beds. Owners are responsible for maintaining the appearance of their shrubs and flower beds by weeding and pruning. The addition of new landscape timbers is not permitted. All residents should be aware that the land cape timbers may create a problem with termites even though the timbers are pressure treated. No objects may be laced on lawns, shrubs, or planter/planting areas. Bird Feeders are an exception. Holiday decorations and lights are exceptions and are permitted only from December 1 through January 15th without a variance. One flag or banner may be displayed on a unit. No dirt, pine needles, or stones are allowed above the slab level at the building. Ivy and other plants that adhere to privacy fences, rock walls or buildings are not allowed and must be removed. No tree or other plant may be planted where its anticipated growth will encroach on another resident’s limited common area. Lower branches of trees must not interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic passage or sight. Branches must not come in contact with buildings or within four feet from overhanging buildings or gutters. Trees must be removed, if it is determined by the ARMS committee and the Board that they present a threat to property by virtue of height or proximity to the unit, deterioration of walls, slabs, drainage system, fences or street lights. Removal of trees by owners requires board approval. This will ensure that regulations for removal will be adhered to.

All “Old Growth” trees are the responsibility of the COA. “Old Growth” trees are trees that existed before development of the Cloister. All trees planted on an owner’s/resident’s “Limited Common Element (Area) by the Developer, a previous owner, or the current owner are the responsibility of the current owner. The expense of maintaining, or required removal of a tree equidistant between two units must be shared by the two Unit Owners.

Common Area

The Committee supervises the weeding, watering, and general care of the common areas: the main entrance and median strip, the Hwy 70 entrance, the corner plantings, the area around the clubhouse and pool, and other designated areas. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in a notification by the Management Company with a deadline for compliance. Failure to make corrections will result in the Board directing the Management Company to have the corrections made and charge all expense to the resident.


The Health Program Committee arranges for and overseas programs such as the aerobics class, the summer water exercises, podiatrist, blood pressure monitoring and other health related services.


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  3. Dear Pete,
    I have just used up a good chunk of today reading your last episode of Cloister Living. It was
    extremely interesting !!! i appreciate your taking the time to enter all the details of owning a
    property here, all the do and don’ts. So much to know about being a good resident and neighbor.
    I appreciate all the time it took for you to look up all that info and reproduce it here for the rest of
    Gloria Wells

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