Christmas Holidays at The Cloister – 2011

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2011

Julian McBride

During the first few years we lived at The Cloister a wonderful and generous fellow by the name of Julian McBride would throw a small Christmas party at his home on 822 Marquette Drive.  It lasted just a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. But it gave some of the neighbors their only opportunity during the year to meet and talk with others in the neighborhood. Julian is passed now and I miss his parties.

For the 4th of July celebration at the Cloister Clubhouse Julian and Bob Freeland, both neighbors on Marquette Drive, would grill hamburgers and hotdogs for the Cloister residents, their families, and grandchildren on a charcoal grill made of a 55 gal drum.  I tried to help out but they were very organized and I felt I was in the way. 

Sulphur Dell Ball Park

Julian was well known as a baseball player at the old ballpark in Sulphur Dells but in my mind his greatest achievement was as a volunteer. Nearly every day he would go to the Bellevue Kroger store and collect food  with expired sell dates. I watched him in the driveway of his home as he sorted the various foods in the trunk of his car. He then delivered the food to feed the needy. He was a good man and I remember him well.

We have many fine people volunteering and doing good things here at The Cloister.  I have watched as John Sangarvasi frequently walks throughout our community inspecting our grounds, buildings and facilities. He is President of the HOA Board of Directors and spends a lot of time on behalf of the residents. A number of volunteers serve on a various Boards and committees at The Cloister at Saint Henry. Many thanks and a Merry  Christmas to all Board members and Cloister Standing Committee volunteers who make life better for we Cloister residents.

More about the HOA Standing Committees


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