Lawson’s…….About Low Tire Pressure and Check Engine Warning Lights

Tire Pressure Light

Friday morning as I turned north on Hwy 70 the low tire pressure warning indicator started flashing.  I wasn’t completely alarmed because I had just finished spraying defrosting liquid on the car windows. It was cold, and many times during the first cold snap of the year the low tire pressure indicator would warn me to increase the tire pressures. No problem, I simply pulled into Lawson’s shop and they added air to the tires since the cold weather dropped the pressure by 5 pounds.

There are very few independant auto repair shops. At one time Bonney and I have felt that we are faced with either the Car Dealerships or the “Quick Lube” type oil change shops. But the reality is that we do have a convenient choice just 2 miles down the road from The Cloister.

For a long time we drove by without noticing the place because it was located behind a now closed Quick Shop store and nearly out of sight. It’s Lawson and Son Auto Repair. The Shop is located at 5137 Harding Road and is managed by PK Kelley. A Cloister neighbor had recommended them to us. I use Lawson’s for my routine maintenance and they are really handy in case of emergencies such as a low tire pressure warning or a Check Engine warning light. They have reattached loose parts and repaired flat tires on the spot.

The Check Engine light can mean a minor problem or can be very serious. There can be a number of causes:

1 – Engine Management System

If the engine warning light comes on while you’re driving, pull over at the earliest and safest chance to have a look under the hood. Owing to the fact that the engine warning light can illuminate for any possible reason, it does not tell you exactly what to look for. Seeing the words ‘Check Engine’ isn’t actually that helpful. It could be that there is a malfunction in your management system and this will need to be addressed as soon as you can get it to a mechanic or diagnostic center. If the light flashes and does not totally light up, the first action you should take is to reduce your speed. If the light then goes out, it’s just a glitch.

2 – Oxygen and Any Other Sensor

Sometimes the engine light will come on if your oxygen sensor fails or malfunctions. Any sensor which is not able to function correctly will trip the management system to switch on the engine light. Having problems with a sensor does not mean you have to stop your vehicle immediately, but of course, seeing the most alarming light on your dashboard come on, it is likely to scare some people.

3 – Emission Control

Your Malfunction Indicator Lamp (the engine warning light) may well illuminate to warn you that there is a problem with your emission control system. This can stretch to an exhaust issue, a catalytic converter issue or an engine issue.

4 – Electrical Problems

Your engine light will notify you that there is an issue with the engine. It won’t spell out for you that it could be an electrical problem. You would have to have the whole car diagnosed to find out for sure what the cause is. If you’re having some obvious trouble with electrics, like lights not working or fuses blowing or relay switches malfunctioning, then the engine light is pointing to that being the issue. Have your electrics tested by someone reputable.

5 – Engine Warning Light Malfunction

In some rare cases the engine light will come on, not because there is an issue with the engine, but a malfunction with the light itself. If this happens, you can try resetting the check engine light. If there is a problem with the engine you can guarantee that the engine warning light will come back on again at some point soon.

In any case we have had such good experiences with Lawson’s that our first reaction is to give PK a call at 352-4230 and take the car in for troubleshooting and required repair if necessary.


10 thoughts on “Lawson’s…….About Low Tire Pressure and Check Engine Warning Lights

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  3. Once again, today, October 2, 2013 the low pressure light lit up. I again went to Lawson’s. I pulled up to the service bay and the fellow working on a tire stopped, inspected my tires and found a nail. He removed the nail, plugged the hole and sent me off and I paid the charge. Total elapsed time….10 minutes. Lawson’s is great.

  4. You may have noticed an old filling station surrounded by foreign cars for sale on the left side of
    Harding Road, right across the road from the repair shop you mention. The repair is back from the
    street with a place to buy gas in front. There used to be a filling station there in the older days.. ]
    These stations, across the street from each other, were owned by the Lawson Brothers. Many people, especially from the Belleveu area patronixed these stations. People chose which station to do business with according to which brother they liked best !!.

  5. I have been going to Lawsons a long time. I trust them.
    They have always done me right.
    So many places I can’t trust, because I am a woman.

    Thanks, for all your article’s.


  6. I guess we all have our favorite places … we started going to American Tire Co, just down the road, when we moved here …

    Excellent service, useful coupons in the paper … very helpful when my battery died several years ago … had my fall check-up
    2 weeks ago … got there at 7AM, was the 2nd one there so got my car right in … I always bring a book to read & they had a pot of coffee going 🙂

    S. R.

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