Remodeling and Updating Our Cloister Kitchen

Entry from Great Room

I have learned that whenever Bonney and I are working on a home remodeling and upgrading project it is best to make a drawing and written description of the work we wish done. Several neighbors recommended Tim Stutzman from Kingston Springs for our kitchen remodel. We went over our amateur drawing and written description with Tim. Within a week he came up with some additional recommendations and revised drawings and descriptions and a quote.

Units like ours have the kitchen entry from the hall and some have a pass through to the eating area of the Great room. Ours included a built-in pantry with a door and a boxed in cornice above the cabinets. We did not have a pass through to the great room. The entire kitchen arrangement was awkward and difficult. Here are some of the decisions we took:

Old Feature Modification Result
We removed the kitchen doorway entry from the hall and built a doorway into the Great room Built a doorway into the Great room No longer have to carry food through the hallway
Replaced the origional pantry closet and door. Awkward door and deep shelves caused wasted space and difficult access to back of shelves Installed floor to ceiling drawers with slides Side by side slider drawers and appliance storage on counter top increased storage space
Removed old cabinets and tore out soffit and cornice between cabinet tops and ceiling. Installed old cabinets in garage and new taller kitchen cabinets reaching to the ceiling Provided added storage in both garage and kitchen.
Items in the back of old Base and Wall Corner cabinets difficult to access New Corner Cabinets have rotating shelves Huge increase in corner shelf space
Closing in old doorway with wall left empty wall Converted to a display wall and sideboard arrangement Can use Buffet style for dinner guests just inside kitchen entry.

Moved Kitchen Entry

Moving door allowed decorative wall and sideboard/buffet

Walled in kitchen doorway in hall

Taller Cabinets Reach the Ceiling          Slide out Drawers

Ceiling Height Cabinets

Double Door Pantry Upgrade

To Sum it up….We Love Our New Kitchen

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