Remodeling and Upgrading Our Cloister Bathroom

After living a few years in our Cloister home Bonney and I knew what we needed to do to upgrade our Master Bathroom. We decided not to completely gut the bathroom but rather to upgrade for safety and comfort. Here is what we did:

We Replaced the Old Toilet

Elongated Extra Height Toilet

We replaced our old toilet with a luxury, or ADA (American Disabilities Act) 17″ height, elongated bowl toilet. The elongated toilet bowl typically is two inches larger in circumference  than the standard version. Its oval shape does  take up more up front space than a typical round toilet bowl. The elongated, oval shape also provides more seating comfort. The sides of the elongated  seat comfortably support the upper thigh, much like a comfortable chair.

An ADA  accessible toilet is 17″ to 19″ in height. Most regular toilets are 14″ to  16″ in height. The difference between ADA and  regular toilets is about 2 to 4″ . Until you need assistance because of a disability or temporary  infirmity you will never realize how important that extra 2″ is for both safety  and comfort. Having had hip and knee surgeries this toilet has been a Godsend.

We Did a Tub to Shower Conversion

Before and After

We tore out the old tub and installed a custom shower. The shower enclosure is 6 feet wide by 2 1/2 feet deep and fits in the same space as the old tub. Grab bars helped with balance and stepping into the enclosure is easy since the shower base has a low 4″ lip.  We chose sliding frosted glass doors with attached towel racks. We added a corner shelf and both standard shower head and handshower with a bar mounted  adjustable holder. We did not get a built-in shower seat since a portable shower seat is more convenient.

We waited several years before we took on this project but we are glad we did it.


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